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Outstanding Referees Program

Outstanding Referee PinThe Outstanding Referee program was instituted in 2008 to recognize scientists who have been exceptionally helpful in assessing manuscripts for publication in the APS journals. By means of the program, APS expresses its appreciation to all referees, whose efforts in peer review not only keep the standards of the journals at a high level, but in many cases also help authors to improve the quality and readability of their articles – even those that are not published by APS.

The highly selective Outstanding Referee program annually recognizes about 150 of the roughly 71,000 currently active referees. At the start of the program, in 2008 and 2009, larger groups were selected by our Editors for the Outstanding Referee designation, in order to "catch up" and recognize referees who had already served for many years. Like Fellowship in the APS, this is a lifetime award. In this year, 2021, 151 Outstanding Referees were selected.

Our Editors select the honorees based on the quality, number, and timeliness of their reports, without regard for membership in the APS, country of origin, or field of research. Referees are rewarded for their work carried out since 1978, the earliest year for which we have accurate data on referee reports returned. Individuals with current or very recent direct connections to the journals, such as editors and editorial board members, are excluded. The decisions are difficult and there are many excellent referees who are still to be recognized.

The honorees come from over 50 different countries. All listed in the table have been notified, offered the option of anonymity, and will receive a lapel pin and a certificate. Simple recognition ceremonies are held at some APS meetings.

The Outstanding Referees are to be congratulated and thanked for their outstanding service to the physics community.

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2021Cheol-Hwan Park (박철환)Seoul National UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2021Tomi Ohtsuki (大槻 東巳)Sophia UniversityJAPAN
2021Liang-You Peng (彭良友)Peking UniversityCHINA
2021Kazumasa A. Takeuchi (竹内 一将)University of TokyoJAPAN
2021Hongming Weng (翁 红 明)Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, BeijingCHINA
2021Can-Ming Hu (胡灿明)University of ManitobaCANADA
2021Shanhui Fan (范汕洄)Stanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Che-Ting Chan (陳子亭)Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyCHINA
2021Kenta Takata (高田健 太)NTT Basic Research LaboratoriesJAPAN
2021Johan AbergUniversität zu KölnGERMANY
2021Daniel F. AgterbergUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2021Rose AhlefeldtAustralian National UniversityAUSTRALIA
2021Ana AkrapUniversity of FribourgSWITZERLAND
2021Mohsen AlishahihaInstitute for Research in Fundamental SciencesIRAN
2021Claire AntoineCEA SaclayFRANCE
2021Erik AurellKTH-Royal Institute of TechnologySWEDEN
2021Karl L.F. BaneSLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2021Carlo F. BarenghiNewcastle UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2021Jean-Louis BarratUniversité Grenoble AlpesFRANCE
2021Christoph BecherUniversität des SaarlandesGERMANY
2021Dietrich BelitzUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2021Alexandre BlaisUniversité de SherbrookeCANADA
2021Doerte BlumeThe University of OklahomaUNITED STATES
2021Stephen J. BlundellUniversity of OxfordUNITED KINGDOM
2021Vladimir M. BraunUniversität RegensburgGERMANY
2021Eric BreweDrexel UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Ulrich BuchenauForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2021Robert A. BuhrmanCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Igor BurmistrovLandau Institute for Theoretical PhysicsRUSSIA
2021Shailesh ChandrasekharanDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Jianchun ChengNanjing UniversityCHINA
2021Ralph ClaessenUniversität WürzburgGERMANY
2021Marcel ClercUniversidad de ChileCHILE
2021Aashish A. ClerkUniversity of ChicagoUNITED STATES
2021Jacinta C. ConradUniversity of HoustonUNITED STATES
2021Tamas CsorgoWigner Research Centre for PhysicsHUNGARY
2021Sacha DavidsonUniversité Montpellier 2FRANCE
2021Sally DawsonBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2021Mark P. M. Dean Brookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2021Dominique DelandeUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2021Vitali Yu. DenisovInstitute for Nuclear Research, KievUKRAINE
2021Joshua A. DijksmanWageningen UniversityNETHERLANDS
2021David DiVincenzoForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2021Brian P. DolanNational University of IrelandIRELAND
2021Jens EggersUniversity of BristolUNITED KINGDOM
2021Jens EisertFreie Universität BerlinGERMANY
2021Rolf ErniEidgenössische Materialprüfungs und ForschungsanstaltSWITZERLAND
2021Lisa Lorraine EverettUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonUNITED STATES
2021Paul FendleyUniversity of OxfordUNITED KINGDOM
2021Matthias FuchsUniversität KonstanzGERMANY
2021Francesco FusoUniversità di PisaITALY
2021Nikolaos G. FytasCoventry UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2021Francisco J. García-VidalUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSPAIN
2021Stefano GariglioUniversité de GenèveSWITZERLAND
2021Scott GlancyNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2021Denis GrebenkovÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2021Metin GürsesBilkent UniversityTURKEY
2021Vincent HakimÉcole Normale SuperieureFRANCE
2021Simon HandsSwansea UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2021Daniel HaskelArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2021Fabian HasslerRWTH Aachen UniversityGERMANY
2021Alan HeavensImperial College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2021Laurent Hébert-DufresneUniversity of VermontUNITED STATES
2021Jürgen HenkMartin-Luther-Universität Halle-WittenbergGERMANY
2021Carlos A.R. HerdeiroUniversidade de AveiroPORTUGAL
2021Andreas HoneckerUniversité de Cergy-PontoiseFRANCE
2021Ian H. HutchinsonMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2021Bashirah IbrahimUniversity of BahrainBAHRAIN
2021Robert Logan JackUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2021Andy JohnsonBlack Hills State UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Thierry JolicoeurUniversité Paris-SaclayFRANCE
2021Barbara A. JonesIBM Almaden Research CenterUNITED STATES
2021Christophe JosserandEcole PolytechniqueUNITED STATES
2021Jernej F. KamenikJozef Stefan InstituteSLOVENIA
2021Vivien KendonUniversity of DurhamUNITED KINGDOM
2021Janos KerteszCentral European UniversityHUNGARY
2021Marcin KonczykowskiÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2021Katarzyna KrajewskaUniwersytet WarszawskiPOLAND
2021Arshad KudrolliClark UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Sergey KurennoyLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2021Lucas LamataUniversidad de SevillaSPAIN
2021Dietrich LeibfriedNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2021Feng LiuUniversity of UtahUNITED STATES
2021Rosario Lo FrancoUniversità degli Studi di PalermoITALY
2021John LuptonUniversität RegensburgGERMANY
2021Chiara MacchiavelloUniversità degli Studi di PaviaITALY
2021Sophie MarbachCourant Institute of Mathematical SciencesUNITED STATES
2021Jiri MaresNuclear Physics Institute of the CASCZECH REPUBLIC
2021Omar Kamal MatarImperial College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2021Steven MayDrexel UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Kevin McFarlandUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2021Judith McGovernUniversity of ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM
2021Baruch MeersonThe Hebrew University of JerusalemISRAEL
2021James MeissUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2021Julia S. MeyerUniversité Grenoble AlpesFRANCE
2021D. John MillenerBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2021Markus MorgensternRWTH Aachen UniversityGERMANY
2021David J. MorrisseyMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Jan MostowskiPolska Akademia Nauk Instytut FizykiPOLAND
2021Holger MuellerUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2021Bill MunroNTT Basic Research LaboratoriesJAPAN
2021Giuseppe NardelliUniversità Cattolica del Sacro CuoreITALY
2021Bruce NormandPaul Scherrer InstituteSWITZERLAND
2021Frederic NowackiInstitut Pluridiscplinaire Hubert CurienFRANCE
2021Erich OrmandLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2021Karlo PencWigner Research Centre for PhysicsHUNGARY
2021Emmanuel PereiraUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisBRAZIL
2021Leon PetitSTFC Daresbury LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2021Rudolf PodgornikInstitute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, BeijingCHINA
2021Igor V. PogorelskyBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2021Antonio PolimeniUniversità di Roma "La Sapienza''ITALY
2021Anatoli PolkovnikovBoston UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Yuri V. PopovLomonosov Moscow State UniversityRUSSIA
2021Hugues PothierCEA SaclayFRANCE
2021Kannan PremnathUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2021Andrea ProsperettiUniversity of HoustonUNITED STATES
2021Lucia ReiningÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2021Marcos RigolPennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Janne RuostekoskiLancaster UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2021Sergey SavrasovUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2021Mauro SbragagliaUniversità degli Studi di Roma Tor VergataUNITED STATES
2021John SchliemannUniversität RegensburgGERMANY
2021Herbert R. SchoberForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2021Ram SeshadriUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2021Manfred SigristEidgenössische Technische HochschuleSWITZERLAND
2021Susanne StemmerUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2021Dominique SugnyUniversité de BourgogneFRANCE
2021Teruaki SuyamaTokyo Institute of TechnologyJAPAN
2021George SvetlichnyPontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de JaneiroBRAZIL
2021T. Darrah ThomasOregon State UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Jeff ThompsonPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Guido TianaUniversità degli Studi di MilanoITALY
2021Anca TureanuUniversity of HelsinkiFINLAND
2021Stefan TypelTechnische Universität DarmstadtGERMANY
2021Roser ValentiGoethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainGERMANY
2021Roberto VerziccoPolitecnico di BariUNITED STATES
2021Petia M. VlahovskaNorthwestern UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Thomas VojtaMissouri University of Science and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2021Artem VolosnievInstitute of Science and Technology, AustriaAUSTRIA
2021Hans Jurgen von BardelebenUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2021Lorenz von SmekalJustus Liebig Universität GiessenGERMANY
2021Dario VretenarUniversity of ZagrebCROATIA
2021Stephen Patrick WalbornUniversidad de ConcepciónCHILE
2021Philip M. WalkerUniversity of SurreyUNITED KINGDOM
2021William B. WaltersUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2021Hailin WangUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2021Scott WatsonSyracuse UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Mark M. WildeLouisiana State UniversityUNITED STATES
2021Matthias WuttigRWTH Aachen UniversityGERMANY
2021Julia M. YeomansUniversity of OxfordUNITED KINGDOM
2020Su Houng Lee (이수형)Yonsei UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2020Kosuke Nakayama (中山耕輔)Tohoku UniversityJAPAN
2020Masao Kitano (北野 正雄)Kyoto UniversityJAPAN
2020Jun-ichi Fukuda (福田順一)Kyushu UniversityJAPAN
2020Yi-De Chuang (莊怡德)Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2020Kei Iida (飯田圭)Kochi UniversityJAPAN
2020Anatoli AfanasjevMississippi State UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Elena AgliariUniversità di Roma "La Sapienza''ITALY
2020Joerg AichelinLaboratoire de Physique Subatomique et des Technologies AssociéesFRANCE
2020Monika AidelsburgerLudwig-Maximilians-Universität MunchenGERMANY
2020Nail AkhmedievAustralian National UniversityAUSTRALIA
2020Reka AlbertPennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Saalih AllieUniversity of Cape TownSOUTH AFRICA
2020Chiara ArinaUniversité Catholique de LouvainBELGIUM
2020Sahel AshhabQatar Environment and Energy Research InstituteQATAR
2020M. BabikerUniversity of YorkUNITED KINGDOM
2020M. A. BaranovInstitute for Quantum Optics and Quantum InformationAUSTRIA
2020Ghassan George BatrouniInstitut de Physique de NiceFRANCE
2020Kamran BehniaESPCI ParisTechFRANCE
2020Turan BirolUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2020François BlanchetteUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2020Cyril BranciardInstitut NéelFRANCE
2020Joachim BrandMassey UniversityNEW ZEALAND
2020John BriggsAlbert-Ludwigs-Universität FreiburgGERMANY
2020Veronique BrouetUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2020Daniel CamposUniversidad Autónoma de BarcelonaSPAIN
2020Jaume CasademuntUniversidad de BarcelonaSPAIN
2020Bernard CastaingLaboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et IndustrielsFRANCE
2020Carlton M. CavesUniversity of New MexicoUNITED STATES
2020Andrea CepellottiHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Rafael ChavesUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do NorteBRAZIL
2020Yanne K. ChemboUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2020Jacquelyn ChiniUniversity of Central FloridaUNITED STATES
2020Ivan C. ChristovPurdue UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Giovanni CiccottiUniversità di Roma "La Sapienza''ITALY
2020Alvaro CorralUniversidad Autónoma de BarcelonaSPAIN
2020Steven T. CundiffUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2020Jeroen DanonNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyNORWAY
2020Vivian de la InceraUniversity of Texas, Rio Grande ValleyUNITED STATES
2020N. DeruelleInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisFRANCE
2020Markus DiehlDeutsches Elektronen-SynchrotronGERMANY
2020Valery A. DolgashevSLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2020David DudalKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenBELGIUM
2020Matthew D. DuezWashington State UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Vedran DunjkoUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2020Alexander EdströmInstitut de Ciència de Materials de BarcelonaSPAIN
2020Astrid EichhornUniversity of Southern DenmarkDENMARK
2020Ulrich EllwangerLaboratory de Physique Theorique d'OrsayFRANCE
2020Ariel EpsteinTechnion-Israel Institute of TechnologyISRAEL
2020Reuben EpsteinUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2020Jose R. EspinosaInstituto de Fisica Teorica UAMSPAIN
2020Massimiliano Gennaro EspositoUniversité du LuxembourgLUXEMBOURG
2020Denis FeinbergInstitut NéelFRANCE
2020Dmitri E. FeldmanBrown UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Rafael M. FernandesUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2020Francesc FerrerWashington University in St. LouisUNITED STATES
2020Giovanni FinocchioUniversità degli Studi di MessinaITALY
2020Andrea FranchiEuropean Synchrotron Radiation FacilityFRANCE
2020Mattia FrascaUniversità degli Studi di CataniaITALY
2020Maarten GoltermanSan Francisco State UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Michael D. GrahamUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonUNITED STATES
2020Andres A. GrecoUniversidad Nacional de RosarioARGENTINA
2020Robert C. HaightLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2020Danielle HarlowUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2020Christoph A. HaselwandterUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2020Alicia S. HoflerThomas Jefferson National Accelerator FacilityUNITED STATES
2020Morgane HoussaisCity College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2020Hans HueblWalther-Meißner-Institute for Low Temperature ResearchGERMANY
2020Alejandro IbarraTechnische Universität MunchenGERMANY
2020Jorge IñiguezLuxembourg Institute of Science and TechnologyLUXEMBOURG
2020Lev IoffeUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonUNITED STATES
2020Rocio JaureguiUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MexicoMEXICO
2020Robin KaiserInstitut de Physique de NiceFRANCE
2020Nicholas KeeleyInstytut Problemow JadrowychPOLAND
2020Oleksiy K. KolezhukTaras Shevchenko National University of KievUKRAINE
2020Sergei KopeikinUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaUNITED STATES
2020Shane KoscielniakTRIUMFCANADA
2020Alan KosteleckýIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Serguei V. KrasnikovPulkovo ObservatoryRUSSIA
2020Elena KuznetsovaRussian Quantum CenterRUSSIA
2020David LacosteESPCI ParisTechFRANCE
2020Carlo LaingMassey UniversityNEW ZEALAND
2020Michele LazzeriUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2020Karyn Le HurÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2020Manfred LeinUniversität HannoverGERMANY
2020Debbie W. LeungUniversity of WaterlooCANADA
2020Lothar LeyFriedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen NurnbergGERMANY
2020Mikk LippmaaUniversity of TokyoJAPAN
2020John ListerDepartment of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical PhysicsUNITED KINGDOM
2020Pol LloverasUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaSPAIN
2020Andrei LuduEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Ilari J. MaasiltaUniversity of JyvaskylaFINLAND
2020Jean-Pierre MatteUniversité du QuebecCANADA
2020Elizabeth McCutchanBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2020Robert D. McMichaelNational Institute of Standards and Technology, GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2020Salvatore MicalizioIstituto Nazionale di Ricerca MetrologicaITALY
2020Frédéric MilaÉcole Polytechnique Federale de LausanneSWITZERLAND
2020Yuri MishinGeorge Mason UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Peter MohrATOMKI, DebrecenHUNGARY
2020James R. MorrisAmes LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2020Izaak NeriKing's College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2020Andreas NoggaForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2020Shin'ichi NojiriNagoya UniversityJAPAN
2020Masato NozawaYukawa Institute for Theoretical PhysicsJAPAN
2020Oleh OmelchenkoUniversity of PotsdamGERMANY
2020Anna PainelliUniversità degli Studi di ParmaITALY
2020Alberto ParolaUniversità degli Studi dell'InsubriaITALY
2020Jayson PauloseUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2020Lode PolletLudwig-Maximilians-Universität MunchenGERMANY
2020Y. PomeauÉcole Normale SuperieureFRANCE
2020Nick P. ProukakisNewcastle UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2020Andrea PuglisiUniversità di Roma "La Sapienza''ITALY
2020Arthur P. RamirezUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2020Laurence RamosUniversité Montpellier 2FRANCE
2020Charles ReichhardtLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2020Edward H. RezayiCalifornia State UniversityUNITED STATES
2020R. G. Hamish RobertsonUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2020Kate A. RossColorado State UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Hossein R. SadeghpourHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsUNITED STATES
2020Peter SchifferYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2020James S. SchillingWashington University in St. LouisUNITED STATES
2020Kate ScholbergDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Giulia SemeghiniHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Yuri ShtanovInstytut Teoretychnoi Fizyky imeni M. M. Bogolyubov KyivUKRAINE
2020Erik S. SørensenMcMaster UniversityCANADA
2020Jan SperlingUniversität PaderbornGERMANY
2020Jonathan Z. SunIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2020Krzysztof SzalewiczUniversity of DelawareUNITED STATES
2020Christian TammPhysikalisch-Technische BundesanstaltGERMANY
2020John R. ThompsonUniversity of MaineUNITED STATES
2020Andreas TilgnerGeorg-August-Universität GottingenGERMANY
2020L. Hao TjengMax-Planck-Institut für Chemische Physik fester StoffeGERMANY
2020Cormac ToherDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Salvatore TorquatoPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2020P. K. TownsendUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2020Bart van TiggelenUniversité Grenoble AlpesFRANCE
2020Elena Y. VedmedenkoUniversität HamburgGERMANY
2020J.J.M. VerbaarschotStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Jorge ViñalsUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2020R. E. WalstedtUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2020Hanno H. WeiteringUniversity of TennesseeUNITED STATES
2020Artur WideraTechnische Universität KaiserslauternGERMANY
2020John L. WoodGeorgia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2020Jakub ZakrzewskiJagiellonian UniversityPOLAND
2020Remco ZegersMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2020Karin ZojerGraz University of TechnologyAUSTRIA
2019Kiyoshi Kubo (久保浄)High Energy Accelerator Research OrganisationJAPAN
2019Hiroshi Okamoto (岡本博)University of TokyoJAPAN
2019Yong Zhang (张勇)University of North Carolina, CharlotteUNITED STATES
2019Ching-Ray Chang (張慶瑞)National Taiwan UniversityTAIWAN
2019Kingman Cheung (張敬民)National Tsing Hua UniversityTAIWAN
2019Tsuyoshi Kimura (木村剛 )University of TokyoJAPAN
2019Jian-Xin Zhu (朱建新)Los Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Shun-Qing Shen (沈顺清)University of Hong KongCHINA
2019Takahiro Sagawa (沙川貴大)University of TokyoJAPAN
2019Hanghui Chen (陈航晖)New York University ShanghaiCHINA
2019Kazuo Hida (飛田和男)Saitama UniversityJAPAN
2019Markus AhlersNiels Bohr InstituteDENMARK
2019Alessandro AlberucciFriedrich-Schiller-Universität JenaGERMANY
2019Fabien AletCNRS and Université de ToulouseFRANCE
2019Celia AnteneodoPontíficia Universidade Católica do Rio de JaneiroBRAZIL
2019Leon BalentsUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2019Andre Cardoso BaratoUniversity of HoustonUNITED STATES
2019Marco BarbieriUniversità degli Studi Roma TreITALY
2019Yaroslaw BazaliyUniversity of South CarolinaUNITED STATES
2019Noemie Benczer-KollerRutgers UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Mona BerciuUniversity of British ColumbiaCANADA
2019Robert BotetUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2019Yehuda BraimanOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Edouard BrezinÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2019Kirill A. BronnikovInstitut metrologicheskoi sluzhbyRUSSIA
2019Fabien BrunevalCEA SaclayFRANCE
2019Guido BurkardUniversität KonstanzGERMANY
2019Anton BurkovUniversity of WaterlooCANADA
2019William J.L. BuyersNRC Canadian Neutron Beam CentreCANADA
2019Claude CambonÉcole Centrale de LyonFRANCE
2019Colin CampbellWashington CollegeUNITED STATES
2019Sergio CapraraUniversità di Roma "La Sapienza''ITALY
2019Holger CartariusUniversität StuttgartGERMANY
2019Maria V. ChekhovaMax-Planck Institute for the Science of LightRUSSIA
2019Andrey G. CherstvyUniversity of PotsdamGERMANY
2019Jan ChwedeńczukUniwersytet WarszawskiPOLAND
2019Jonathan D. DenlingerLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Marco DentzInstituto de Química Avançada de CatalunyaSPAIN
2019Anne de VisserUniversity of AmsterdamNETHERLANDS
2019Ulrike DieboldTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2019Tomasz DietlPolska Akademia Nauk Instytut FizykiPOLAND
2019Massimiliano Di VentraUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2019H. Dennis DrewUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2019Robert D. DuBoisMissouri University of Science and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2019Robert E. EckeLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Sophia E. EconomouVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Fabian EsslerUniversity of OxfordUNITED KINGDOM
2019Yasaman FarzanInstitute for Research in Fundamental SciencesIRAN
2019William M. FawleySLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Hans FeldmeierGSI Helmholtzzentrum für SchwerionenforschungGERMANY
2019James J. FengUniversity of British ColumbiaCANADA
2019Sergej FlachInstitute for Basic Science, DaejeonREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2019Brent FultzCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2019Yan V. FyodorovKing's College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2019Jochen GemmerUniversität OsnabruckGERMANY
2019Tristan GiletUniversité de LiegeBELGIUM
2019Domenico GiulianoUniversità degli Studi della CalabriaITALY
2019Nigel GoldenfeldUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2019Leonardo GolubovićWest Virginia UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Olena GomonayJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzGERMANY
2019Kara E. GraySeattle Pacific UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Francesca GulminelliLaboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire de CaenFRANCE
2019Claudia HagedornSyddansk UniversitetDENMARK
2019Ifan G. HughesUniversity of DurhamUNITED KINGDOM
2019Dmytro InosovTechnische Universität DresdenGERMANY
2019Robert V. F. JanssensUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUNITED STATES
2019Ilya V. KarlinEidgenössische Technische HochschuleSWITZERLAND
2019Michael KesdenUniversity of Texas, DallasUNITED STATES
2019Joo-Von KimCentre de Nanosciences et de NanotechnologiesFRANCE
2019Peter J. KingUniversity of NottinghamUNITED KINGDOM
2019Galina L. KlimchitskayaPulkovo ObservatoryRUSSIA
2019Irena KnezevicUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonUNITED STATES
2019Johann KrohaUniversität BonnGERMANY
2019Gabor KunstatterUniversity of WinnipegCANADA
2019Wai-Kwong KwokArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Thierry LahayeCNRS Laboratoire Charles Fabry de l'Institut d'OptiqueFRANCE
2019Arturo LezamaUniversidad de la Republica UruguayURUGUAY
2019Jose LorenzanaIstituto dei Sistemi Complessi, CNRITALY
2019Sergi LozanoInstitut Català de Paleoecologia Humana i Evolució SocialSPAIN
2019Valery E. LyubovitskijEberhard Karls Universität TubingenGERMANY
2019Raymond S. MackintoshThe Open UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2019Serge MassarUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2019Pietro MassignanUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaSPAIN
2019Jeffrey M. McGuirkSimon Fraser UniversityCANADA
2019Yigal MeirBen-Gurion University of the NegevISRAEL
2019Dawn MeredithUniversity of New HampshireUNITED STATES
2019Alexander MerleMax-Planck-Institut für PhysikGERMANY
2019Howard M. MilchbergUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2019Djordje MinicVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Jeff MorrisCity College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2019Francesco MurgiaIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Sezione di CagliariITALY
2019Titus NeupertUniversität ZurichSWITZERLAND
2019Katherine A. NewhallUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUNITED STATES
2019Nicholas T. OuelletteStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Gianfranco PacchioniUniversità degli Studi di MilanoITALY
2019Renaud ParentaniLaboratoire de Physique Théorique d'OrsayFRANCE
2019Matteo G. A. ParisUniversità degli Studi di MilanoITALY
2019Meera ParishMonash UniversityAUSTRALIA
2019Ulrich ParlitzMax-Planck-Institut für Dynamik und SelbstorganisationGERMANY
2019Philippe PiotFermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Northern Illinois UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Zoltan RaczEötvos Loránd UniversityHUNGARY
2019Günter RadonsChemnitz University of TechnologyGERMANY
2019Rudnei O. RamosUniversidade do Estado do Rio de JaneiroBRAZIL
2019Andrew James RamsayUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2019Urko ReinosaÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2019Federico Ricci-TersenghiUniversità di Roma "La Sapienza''ITALY
2019Luis M. RobledoUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSPAIN
2019Michael RohlfingUniversität MünsterGERMANY
2019Stefan RotterTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2019Kazimierz RzazewskiCentrum Fizyki TeoretycznejPOLAND
2019Norichika SagoKyushu UniversityJAPAN
2019Anna SanperaUniversidad Autónoma de BarcelonaSPAIN
2019Jay Deep SauUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2019David O. ScanlonUniversity College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2019Rachel E. ScherrUniversity of Washington BothellUNITED STATES
2019Joerg SchumacherTechnische Universität IlmenauGERMANY
2019Nicolas SchunckLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Elena ShaposhnikovaCERNSWITZERLAND
2019B. Sriram ShastryUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2019Ingo SickUniversität BaselSWITZERLAND
2019Pietro SlavichUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2019Daniel L. SteinNew York UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Tim StelzerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2019Roberto A. SussmanUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MexicoMEXICO
2019Päivi TörmäAalto UniversityFINLAND
2019Sergei A. TretyakovAalto UniversityFINLAND
2019Yaroslav TserkovnyakUniversity of CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2019Alfredo ValcarceUniversidad de SalamancaSPAIN
2019Peter van DongenJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzGERMANY
2019Ubirajara van KolckUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2019Valerie VeniardÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2019Alexander VilenkinTufts UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Dieter WeissUniversität RegensburgGERMANY
2019Michael WidomCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2019Frank K. Wilhelm-MauchUniversität des SaarlandesGERMANY
2019Vladislav S. YakovlevMax-Planck-Institut für QuantenoptikGERMANY
2019Igor A. ZaliznyakBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Vivien S. ZapfLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2019Taishan ZhuMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2019Barry L. ZinkUniversity of DenverUNITED STATES
2019Nikolaj Thomas ZinnerAarhus UniversitetDENMARK
2019Xenophon ZotosUniversity of CreteGREECE
2018Haizhou Lu (卢海舟)South University of Science and Technology of ChinaCHINA
2018Seiji Miyashita (宮下精二)University of TokyoJAPAN
2018Michio Honma (本間道雄)University of AizuJAPAN
2018Naoyuki Tateiwa (立岩尚之)Japan Atomic Energy Agency, TokaiJAPAN
2018Toshiyasu Higo (肥後寿泰)High Energy Accelerator Research OrganisationJAPAN
2018Kouichi Hagino (萩野浩一)Tohoku UniversityJAPAN
2018Satoshi Fujimoto (藤本 聡)Osaka University, ToyonakaJAPAN
2018Siyuan Han (韩思远)University of KansasUNITED STATES
2018Wei Ku (顧威)Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityCHINA
2018Nuno A.M. AraujoUniversidade de LisboaPORTUGAL
2018Marc AßmannTechnische Universität DortmundGERMANY
2018Franco BagnoliUniversità degli Studi di FirenzeITALY
2018Matthias BartelmannRuprecht Karls Universität HeidelbergGERMANY
2018Heinz BässlerPhilipps-Universität MarburgGERMANY
2018Almut BeigeUniversity of LeedsUNITED KINGDOM
2018Vittorio BellaniUniversità degli Studi di PaviaITALY
2018János A. BergouHunter College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2018Carles BonaUniversitat Illes BalearsSPAIN
2018Punit BoolchandUniversity of CincinnatiUNITED STATES
2018Hélène BouchiatUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2018Nikolai V. BrilliantovUniversity of LeicesterUNITED KINGDOM
2018Philip BrydonUniversity of OtagoNEW ZEALAND
2018Raffaella BurioniUniversità degli Studi di ParmaITALY
2018Massimo CaponeScuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi AvanzatiITALY
2018Ralph V. ChamberlinArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Caroline ChampenoisAix-Marseille UniversitéFRANCE
2018Darrick Edward ChangInstituto de Ciencias de FotónicasSPAIN
2018Xie ChenCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2018Maxim N. ChernodubUniversité François RabelaisFRANCE
2018Jim ClarkeSTFC Daresbury LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2018Andrew N. ClelandUniversity of ChicagoUNITED STATES
2018Lee CollinsLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Silvina Ponce DawsonUniversidad de Buenos AiresARGENTINA
2018Dirk DubbersRuprecht Karls Universität HeidelbergGERMANY
2018J. Luis EgidoUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSPAIN
2018F. H.M. FaisalUniversität BielefeldGERMANY
2018G. FaussurierCEA DAM-Ile de FranceFRANCE
2018R. S. FishmanOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Luis E. F. Foa TorresUniversidad de ChileCHILE
2018Eduardo H. FradkinUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2018Scott V. FranklinRochester Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2018Thomas K. GaisserBartol Research InstituteUNITED STATES
2018Piotr GarbaczewskiUniwersytet OpolskiPOLAND
2018Simon Alexander GardinerUniversity of DurhamUNITED KINGDOM
2018Julio Gea-BanaclocheUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleUNITED STATES
2018Gaston GiribetNew York UniversityUNITED STATES
2018M. M. GlazovFiziko-tekhnicheskiǐ institut imeni A.F. IoffeRUSSIA
2018Rohini Madhusudan GodboleIndian Institute of ScienceINDIA
2018Stephen Marshall GoodnickArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2018José Manuel Gordillo Arias de SaavedraUniversidad de SevillaSPAIN
2018Gregory GrasonUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2018Hubert GraweGSI Helmholtzzentrum für SchwerionenforschungGERMANY
2018Gary S. GrestSandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
2018Marco GrioniÉcole Polytechnique Federale de LausanneSWITZERLAND
2018Zhengcheng GuChinese University of Hong KongCHINA
2018Emanuel GullUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2018Thors Hans HanssonStockholm UniversitySWEDEN
2018Jeffrey H. HarrisOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Olle HeinonenArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Russell Leland HermanUniversity of North Carolina, WilmingtonUNITED STATES
2018Tanja HindererRadboud University NijmegenNETHERLANDS
2018Martin HirschIstituto de Fisica CorpuscularSPAIN
2018Ferenc IgloiWigner Research Centre for PhysicsHUNGARY
2018Joerg JaeckelRuprecht Karls Universität HeidelbergGERMANY
2018Oliver E. JensenUniversity of ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM
2018Calvin W. JohnsonSan Diego State UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Jerzy JurkiewiczJagiellonian UniversityPOLAND
2018Norbert KaiserTechnische Universität München, GarchingGERMANY
2018Yaroslav V. KartashovInstituto de Ciencias de FotónicasSPAIN
2018Paul R. C. KentOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Aditya Satish KhairCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Christiane P. KochUniversität KasselGERMANY
2018Donald L. KochCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2018A. E. KoshelevArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Geoffrey A. KrafftThomas Jefferson National Accelerator FacilityUNITED STATES
2018Arkady KrasheninnikovHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-RossendorfGERMANY
2018Andrzej KrasińskiPolska Akademia Nauk Centrum Astronomiczne im. M. KopernikaPOLAND
2018Daniel Mence KrollNorth Dakota State UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Satish KumarUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2018Claudine LacroixInstitut NéelFRANCE
2018Péter LajkóKuwait UniversityKUWAIT
2018Vincent LaudeUniversité de Franche ComteFRANCE
2018Richard LebedArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Liliane LegerUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2018Stefano LepriIstituto dei Sistemi Complessi, CNR, Sesto FiorentinoITALY
2018Ian Daniel LerouxNational Research Council of CanadaCANADA
2018Heather Jean LewandowskiJILAUNITED STATES
2018A. L'HuillierLund UniversitySWEDEN
2018Lucas LindsayOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Wolfgang Löffler University of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2018Enrique LombaConsejo Superior de Investigaciones CientíficasSPAIN
2018David LondonUniversité de MontréalCANADA
2018James F. LutskoUniversité Libre de Bruxelles, ULBBELGIUM
2018S. D. MahantiMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Thomas A. MaierOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Michele MarroccoENEA, RomeITALY
2018Andrew F MayOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018John McGreevyUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2018Andreas M. MenzelHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfGERMANY
2018Dmitri MogilevtsevNational Academy of Science of BelarusBELARUS
2018V. Parameswaran NairCity College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2018Kia L. NgaiUniversità di PisaITALY
2018Peter A. NorreysRutherford Appleton LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2018Krzysztof PachuckiUniwersytet WarszawskiPOLAND
2018Jurgen ParisiCarl von Ossietzky Universität OldenburgGERMANY
2018Rossitza PentchevaUniversität Duisburg-EssenGERMANY
2018Jason R. PettaPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Luca PezzèIstituto Nazionale di Ottica, FirenzeITALY
2018Britton PlourdeSyracuse UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Constança ProvidênciaUniversidade de CoimbraPORTUGAL
2018Leonid P. PryadkoUniversity of California, RiversideUNITED STATES
2018Filippo RadicchiIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Ralf RappTexas A & M UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Mikael C. RechtsmanPennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Jean-Marc RichardUniversité Lyon 1FRANCE
2018Nikolay N. RosanovGosudarstvennyi opticheskii institut imeni S.I. VavilovaRUSSIA
2018Michael RubinsteinUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUNITED STATES
2018R. RubinsteinNASA Langley Research CenterUNITED STATES
2018Aram A. SaharianYerevan State UniversityARMENIA
2018Stefan SchippersJustus Liebig Universität GiessenGERMANY
2018V. Hugo SchmidtMontana State UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Howard J. SchnitzerBrandeis UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Leslie M. SchoopPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Daniel SchumayerUniversity of OtagoNEW ZEALAND
2018Goran SenjanovićAbdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical PhysicsITALY
2018Vladimir ShiltsevFermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Virginie SimonetInstitut NéelFRANCE
2018N. A. SinitsynLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2018Paul SkrzypczykUniversity of BristolUNITED KINGDOM
2018Mojmír ŠobMasarykova univerzitaCZECH REPUBLIC
2018Harold SteinackerUniversität WienAUSTRIA
2018Daniel SudarskyUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MexicoMEXICO
2018L. G. SuttorpUniversity of AmsterdamNETHERLANDS
2018Yuri SuzukiStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Helmar TeichlerGeorg-August-Universität GottingenGERMANY
2018Csaba TokeBudapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi EgyetemHUNGARY
2018Matthias TroyerMicrosoft Research, RedmondUNITED STATES
2018Paul B. UmbanhowarNorthwestern UniversityUNITED STATES
2018Dirk van der MarelUniversité de GenèveSWITZERLAND
2018S. J. van EnkUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2018Bernard van HeckUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2018Fathollah VarnikRuhr-Universität BochumGERMANY
2018Pieter B. VisscherUniversity of AlabamaUNITED STATES
2018H. J.W. ZandvlietUniversity of TwenteNETHERLANDS
2018Lenka ZdeborováCEA SaclayFRANCE
2018Jianshi ZhouUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2018Dean ZollmanKansas State UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Xiaowen Shan (单肖文)South University of Science and Technology of ChinaCHINA
2017Lei Zhou (周磊)Fudan UniversityCHINA
2017Xi Dai (戴希)Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, BeijingCHINA
2017Ryoichi Hajima (羽島 良一)National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and TechnologyJAPAN
2017Hui Zhai (翟荟)Tsinghua UniversityCHINA
2017George A. AlekseevSteklov Institute of MathematicsRUSSIA
2017Rouzbeh AllahverdiUniversity of New MexicoUNITED STATES
2017Rolf AllenspachIBM Research Laboratory ZurichSWITZERLAND
2017Brett D. AltschulUniversity of South CarolinaUNITED STATES
2017David L. AndrewsUniversity of East AngliaUNITED KINGDOM
2017Vladimir AntropovAmes LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Antonio Azevedo da CostaUniversidade Federal de PernambucoBRAZIL
2017Carlos BarcelóInstituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, IAA-CSICSPAIN
2017Clemens BechingerUniversität StuttgartGERMANY
2017Michael BenderInstitut de Physique Nucléaire de LyonFRANCE
2017Itzik Ben-ItzhakKansas State UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Natalia G. BerloffUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2017Ginestra BianconiQueen Mary University of LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2017Martin BierEast Carolina UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Thomas P. BillamNewcastle UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2017Thomas Joseph BingEmory UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Annica M. Black-SchafferUniversity of UppsalaSWEDEN
2017Andrew T. BoothroydUniversity of Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
2017Luis BreyInstituto de Ciencia de Materiales de MadridSPAIN
2017Christian BrosseauUniversité de Bretagne OccidentaleFRANCE
2017Michele CampisiScuola Normale SuperioreITALY
2017Irinel CapriniHoria Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear EngineeringROMANIA
2017Simon CapstickFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Rémi CarminatiESPCI ParisTechFRANCE
2017Margaret E. CarringtonBrandon UniversityCANADA
2017Emily A. CarterPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2017J. T. ChalkerUniversity of OxfordUNITED KINGDOM
2017Changfeng ChenUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasUNITED STATES
2017Andrey V. ChubukovUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2017Pietro ColangeloUniversità degli Studi di BariITALY
2017Alan A. ColeyDalhousie UniversityCANADA
2017Laurent CourbinUniversité de Rennes 1FRANCE
2017Hervé CourtoisCNRS en AlpesFRANCE
2017Scott A. CrookerLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Andrea Dal CorsoScuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi AvanzatiITALY
2017Marcello DalmonteAbdus Salam International Center for Theoretical PhysicsITALY
2017Karen E. DanielsNorth Carolina State UniversityUNITED STATES
2017F. De FazioUniversità degli Studi di BariITALY
2017Sebastian DeffnerUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore CountyUNITED STATES
2017Rafal Demkowicz-DobrzanskiUniversity of WarsawPOLAND
2017Bahram Djafari-RouhaniUniversité Lille 1FRANCE
2017Sergei L. DudarevCulham Centre for Fusion EnergyUNITED KINGDOM
2017Jörn DunkelMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2017Jacek DziarmagaJagiellonian UniversityPOLAND
2017J. Carlos EguesUniversidade de Sao PauloBRAZIL
2017D. S. ElliottPurdue UniversityUNITED STATES
2017H. J. ElmersJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzGERMANY
2017Thomas ElsaesserMax-Born-Institut für Nichtlineare Optik und KurzzeitspektroskopieGERMANY
2017Wolfgang ElsaesserTechnische Universität DarmstadtGERMANY
2017Miro ErkintaloUniversity of AucklandNEW ZEALAND
2017Mikio EtoKeio University, YokohamaJAPAN
2017Jaroslav FabianUniversität RegensburgGERMANY
2017Suzanne FieldingUniversity of DurhamUNITED KINGDOM
2017Ephraim FischbachPurdue UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Wolfram FischerBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Shmuel FishmanTechnion-Israel Institute of TechnologyISRAEL
2017Karsten FlensbergNiels Bohr InstituteDENMARK
2017Ayres FreitasUniversity of PittsburghUNITED STATES
2017Mette GaardeLouisiana State UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Juan José García RipollCentro de Física Miguel Antonio CatalánSPAIN
2017Thomas GasenzerRuprecht-Karls-Universität HeidelbergGERMANY
2017Bruce D. GaulinMcMaster UniversityCANADA
2017Eliana Gianfelice-WendtFermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Elizabeth GireOregon State UniversityUNITED STATES
2017A. V. GoltsevUniversidade de AveiroPORTUGAL
2017Friedrich GonnenweinEberhard Karls Universität TübingenGERMANY
2017Igor V. GornyiKarlsruher Institut für TechnologieGERMANY
2017Henry S. GreensideDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Peter GrünwaldUniversität RostockGERMANY
2017Matthew HeadrickBrandeis UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Ronnie HoekstraUniversity of GroningenNETHERLANDS
2017Markus HolzmannLaboratoire de Physique et Modélisation des Milieux CondensésFRANCE
2017Thomas IhleErnst-Moritz-Arndt Universität GreifswaldGERMANY
2017Mogens H. JensenNiels Bohr InstituteDENMARK
2017David Linton JohnsonSchlumberger-Doll Research CenterUNITED STATES
2017Paul Holt KeyesWayne State UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Denis V. KhomitskyLobachevsky State University of Nizhny NovgorodRUSSIA
2017Kwang-Je KimArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Yoon-Ho KimPohang University of Science and TechnologyREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2017Sigmund KohlerInstituto de Ciencia de Materiales de MadridSPAIN
2017Vladimir I. KorobovJoint Institute for Nuclear ResearchRUSSIA
2017K. KrasnovUniversity of NottinghamUNITED KINGDOM
2017Ph. LambinFacultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la PaixBELGIUM
2017Yan LevinUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do SulBRAZIL
2017Cedric LinderUniversity of UppsalaSWEDEN
2017Rezső G. LovasInstitute of Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of SciencesHUNGARY
2017Hartmut LöwenHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfGERMANY
2017Luis Martín-MorenoUniversidad de ZaragozaSPAIN
2017Duncan K. MaudeLaboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses de ToulouseFRANCE
2017Charles MeneveauJohns Hopkins UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Pérola MilmanUniversité Paris DiderotFRANCE
2017José Pedro MimosoUniversidade de LisboaPORTUGAL
2017Isabelle MirebeauCEA SaclayFRANCE
2017Alexander D. MirlinKarlsruher Institut für TechnologieGERMANY
2017Brian John MoritzSLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Michael MoskaletsNational Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute UKRAINE
2017Miguel A. MuñozUniversidad de GranadaSPAIN
2017Douglas NatelsonRice UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Andrew O'BannonUniversity of SouthamptonUNITED KINGDOM
2017Hugh OsbornUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2017Tomoki OzawaUniversità degli Studi di TrentoITALY
2017J. PapavassiliouUniversity of ValenciaSPAIN
2017Anna PomyalovWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2017Dragana PopovićNational High Magnetic Field LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Oleksandr PopovychForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2017Stephan RachelTechnische Universität DresdenGERMANY
2017Sumathi RaoHarish-Chandra Research InstituteINDIA
2017Thomas RauscherUniversität BaselSWITZERLAND
2017Klaus ReimannMax-Born-Institut für Nichtlineare Optik und KurzzeitspektroskopieGERMANY
2017Pierre RichardInstitute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, BeijingCHINA
2017Joerg RottlerUniversity of British ColumbiaCANADA
2017Tanusri Saha-DasguptaS.N. Bose National Center for Basic SciencesINDIA
2017Hidetsugu SakaguchiKyushu UniversityJAPAN
2017Barry C. SandersUniversity of CalgaryCANADA
2017Lea Ferreira dos SantosYeshiva UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Andreas SchmittUniversity of SouthamptonUNITED KINGDOM
2017Thomas SchwetzKarlsruher Institut für TechnologieGERMANY
2017Ilya Lvovich ShapiroUniversidade Federal de Juiz de ForaBRAZIL
2017Yoshifumi R. ShimizuKyushu UniversityJAPAN
2017Guenter SiglUniversität HamburgGERMANY
2017Christine SilberhornUniversität PaderbornGERMANY
2017Tapio SimulaMonash UniversityAUSTRALIA
2017Julie B. StauntonUniversity of WarwickUNITED KINGDOM
2017Joseph A. StroscioNational Institute of Standards and Technology, GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2017Tamás TélEötvos Loránd UniversityHUNGARY
2017Peter ThalmeierMax-Planck-Institut für Chemische Physik fester StoffeGERMANY
2017Uwe ThieleWestfalische Wilhelms-Universität MunsterGERMANY
2017Lin TianUniversity of California, MercedUNITED STATES
2017Eite TiesingaNational Institute of Standards and Technology, GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2017Hugo TouchetteUniversity of StellenboschSOUTH AFRICA
2017Philipp TreutleinUniversität BaselSWITZERLAND
2017M. C. TringidesAmes LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Thomas M. TruskettUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2017James M. Valles, Jr.Brown UniversityUNITED STATES
2017Panagiotis VasilopoulosConcordia UniversityCANADA
2017Carlos Antonio Fernandes VazPaul Scherrer InstituteSWITZERLAND
2017Lorenza ViolaDartmouth CollegeUNITED STATES
2017Ramona L. VogtLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2017Volker WernerTechnische Universität DarmstadtGERMANY
2017Kay Jörg WieseÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2017Sandro WimbergerUniversità degli Studi di ParmaITALY
2017André XuerebUniversity of MaltaMALTA
2017Dmitri Robert YakovlevTechnische Universität DortmundGERMANY
2017William A. ZajcColumbia UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Shin-ichi Sasa (佐々真一 )Kyoto UniversityJAPAN
2016Tohru Motobayashi (本林透 )RIKEN Nishina CenterJAPAN
2016Toshio Suzuki (鈴木俊夫 )Nihon UniversityJAPAN
2016Gurgen AdamianJoint Institute for Nuclear ResearchRUSSIA
2016Ramon AguadoInstituto de Ciencia de Materiales de MadridSPAIN
2016Santosh AnsumaliJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific ResearchINDIA
2016Ani AprahamianUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2016Pedro Pina AvelinoUniversidade do PortoPORTUGAL
2016Borut BajcJozef Stefan InstituteSLOVENIA
2016Harold U. BarangerDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Dieter BauerUniversität RostockGERMANY
2016Christian BeckUniversity of StrasbourgFRANCE
2016Lara BenfattoIstituto dei Sistemi Complessi, CNRITALY
2016Arjun BereraUniversity of EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM
2016Remy BessonUniversité Lille 1FRANCE
2016Volker BlumDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Carl R. BruneOhio UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Nicolas BrunnerUniversité de GenèveSWITZERLAND
2016James H. BuckleyWashington UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Steven CarlipUniversity of California, DavisUNITED STATES
2016Pietro CarrettaUniversità degli Studi di PaviaITALY
2016Fabrizio CastelliUniversità degli Studi di MilanoITALY
2016Ashish Atma ChainaniSPring-8JAPAN
2016Nelson ChristensenCarleton CollegeUNITED STATES
2016G. ClémentLaboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique ThéoriqueFRANCE
2016Antonio ConiglioIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Sezione di NapoliITALY
2016Alessandra ContinenzaUniversità degli Studi dell'AquilaITALY
2016Marie-Emmanuelle CouprieSynchrotron SOLEILFRANCE
2016Luis CracoUniversidade Federal de Mato GrossoBRAZIL
2016Catherine H. CrouchSwarthmore CollegeUNITED STATES
2016Laszlo CsernaiUniversity of BergenNORWAY
2016Jean DalibardÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2016Philippe de ForcrandEidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, HönggerbergSWITZERLAND
2016Eleni DiamantiTELECOM ParisTechFRANCE
2016Drożdż, StanisławPolska Akademia Nauk Instytut Fizyki POLAND
2016Detlef DürrLudwig-Maximilians-Universität MünchenGERMANY
2016Eugene A. EliseevInstitute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of UkraineUKRAINE
2016Sarah EnoUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2016James W. EvansAmes LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2016Robert EvansUniversity of BristolUNITED KINGDOM
2016Stephan FauveÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2016E. J. FerrerUniversity of Texas, El PasoUNITED STATES
2016Klaus FloettmannDeutsches Elektronen-SynchrotronGERMANY
2016Stavroula FoteinopoulouUniversity of New MexicoUNITED STATES
2016S. FrauendorfUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2016Jean-Noel FuchsUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2016Oleg V. GendelmanTechnion-Israel Institute of TechnologyISRAEL
2016Marco GenoveseIstituto Nazionale di Ricerca MetrologicaITALY
2016Guido GoldoniUniversità degli Studi di Modena e Reggio EmiliaITALY
2016Roger GrimshawLoughborough UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2016Oleg GritsenkoVrije UniversityNETHERLANDS
2016Toru HaraSPring-8JAPAN
2016J. C. HardyTexas A & M UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Karen Zaven HatsagortsyanMax-Planck-Institut für KernphysikGERMANY
2016Andrew HecklerOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Douglas HendersonBrigham Young UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Jean J. HeremansVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Joseph P. HeremansOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Jonathan HomeEidgenössische Technische Hochschule ZürichSWITZERLAND
2016Gang HuUniversität StuttgartGERMANY
2016Jean JeenerUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2016Alexander KamenshchikIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Sezione di BolognaITALY
2016Klaus KassnerOtto von Guericke Universität MagdeburgGERMANY
2016Jonathan I. KatzWashington UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Helmut G. KatzgraberTexas A & M UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Karen L. KavanaghSimon Fraser UniversityCANADA
2016Pantelis C. KeliresCyprus University of TechnologyCYPRUS
2016David A. KesslerBar-Ilan UniversityISRAEL
2016Thomas KirchartzForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2016Tom KirchnerYork UniversityCANADA
2016Reinhold KleinerEberhard Karls Universität TübingenGERMANY
2016Konstantin KlemmNazarbayev UniversityKAZAKHSTAN
2016Alex KovnerUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2016Pavel KovtunUniversity of VictoriaCANADA
2016Jerzy Kowalski-GlikmanUniversity of WroclawPOLAND
2016Klaus KroyUniversität LeipzigGERMANY
2016Dimitris KugiumtzisAristotle University of ThessalonikiGREECE
2016Kerstin KunzeUniversidad de SalamancaSPAIN
2016Kazuhiko KurokiOsaka University, ToyonakaJAPAN
2016Thaddeus Dewey LaddHRL Laboratories, LLCUNITED STATES
2016Stephan LanyNational Renewable Energy Lab.UNITED STATES
2016Annie LemarchandUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2016Dominique LevesqueLaboratoire de Physique Théorique d'OrsayFRANCE
2016Kathryn J. LevinUniversity of Chicago, James Franck InstituteUNITED STATES
2016Alfredo Levy YeyatiUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSPAIN
2016Antony LewisUniversity of SussexUNITED KINGDOM
2016Norbert LütkenhausUniversity of WaterlooCANADA
2016Vadim A. MarkelUniversity of PennsylvaniaUNITED STATES
2016Christopher Hugh MarrowsUniversity of LeedsUNITED KINGDOM
2016Frank MarsiglioUniversity of AlbertaCANADA
2016Donald MelroseUniversity of SydneyAUSTRALIA
2016Guillermo A. Mena MaruganCentro de Física Miguel Antonio CatalánSPAIN
2016Walter MetznerMax-Planck-Institut für FestkörperforschungGERMANY
2016David D. MeyerhoferLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2016Adam MicolichUniversity of New South WalesAUSTRALIA
2016Igor N. MishustinFrankfurt Institute for Advanced StudiesGERMANY
2016Andrea MorelloUniversity of New South WalesAUSTRALIA
2016Ulrich MoselJustus Liebig Universität GiessenGERMANY
2016Adilson E. MotterNorthwestern UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Irina NovikovaCollege of William and MaryUNITED STATES
2016Serguei PatchkovskiiMax-Born-Institut für Nichtlineare Optik und KurzzeitspektroskopieGERMANY
2016Justin PeatrossBrigham Young UniversityUNITED STATES
2016José R. PeláezUniversidad ComplutenseSPAIN
2016David PetrosyanIdrima Texnologias kai Erevnas Institouto Ilektronikis Domis kai LaserGREECE
2016Harald P. PfeifferUniversity of TorontoCANADA
2016Pierbiagio PieriUniversità degli Studi di CamerinoITALY
2016Michel PleimlingVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Andrei V. PostnikovUniversité de Lorraine, MetzFRANCE
2016David E. PritchardMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2016Peter RablTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2016Ying RanBoston CollegeUNITED STATES
2016Luciano RezzollaGoethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainGERMANY
2016Adam RitzUniversity of VictoriaCANADA
2016Matteo RizziJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzGERMANY
2016Filip RonningLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2016Carlo RovelliCentre de Physique Théorique, Aix-Marseille UniversitéFRANCE
2016Alejandro SaenzHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinGERMANY
2016Friederike SchmidJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzGERMANY
2016Ralf SchützholdUniversität Duisburg-EssenGERMANY
2016Qaisar ShafiBartol Research InstituteUNITED STATES
2016G. V. ShlyapnikovUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2016Susan B. SinnottPennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2016Michael SmallUniversity of Western AustraliaAUSTRALIA
2016Dmitry A. SmirnovRussian Academy of SciencesRUSSIA
2016Igor I. SmolyaninovUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2016Noel Frederick SmythUniversity of EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM
2016David W. SnokeUniversity of PittsburghUNITED STATES
2016Igor SolovyevNational Institute for Materials ScienceJAPAN
2016Jenő SólyomWigner Research Centre for PhysicsHUNGARY
2016Anders S. SørensenNiels Bohr InstituteDENMARK
2016Gloria SubiasUniversidad de ZaragozaSPAIN
2016Jose TeixeiraCentre d'Etudes Nucléaires de SaclayFRANCE
2016Carlos TejedorUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSPAIN
2016Arkady A. TseytlinImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2016Alexander TsirlinUniversität AugsburgGERMANY
2016Michael UrbanInstitut de Physique Nucléaire d'OrsayFRANCE
2016P. J. van der ZaagPhilips Research LaboratoriesNETHERLANDS
2016David VitaliUniversità degli Studi di CamerinoITALY
2016Ralf VogelgesangCarl von Ossietzky Universität OldenburgGERMANY
2016Peter WagnerDeutsches Zentrum für Luft und RaumfahrtGERMANY
2016H.R.J. WaltersQueen's University of BelfastUNITED KINGDOM
2016Jim F. WilliamsUniversity of Western AustraliaAUSTRALIA
2016Alois WürgerUniversité BordeauxFRANCE
2016Roberta ZambriniUniversitat Illes BalearsSPAIN
2016Alexander A. ZholentsArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2016Roberto ZivieriUniversità di FerraraITALY
2015Zhao-Qing Zhang (張昭慶)Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyCHINA
2015Antonio AcinInstituto de Ciencias de FotónicasSPAIN
2015Felicie AlbertLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2015Carlo AltucciUniversità degli Studi di Napoli Federico IIITALY
2015Adrian AnkiewiczAustralian National UniversityAUSTRALIA
2015Igor AronsonArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2015Yshai AvishaiBen-Gurion University of the NegevISRAEL
2015Sergei BaranovskiiPhilipps-Universität MarburgGERMANY
2015Jens H. BardarsonMax-Planck-Institut für Physik Komplexer SystemeGERMANY
2015Steffen A. BassDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Federico BeccaIstituto di Struttura della Materia, CNRITALY
2015Giorgio BenedekUniversità Milano-BicoccaITALY
2015Gerhard BesoldUniversity of Southern DenmarkDENMARK
2015Luca BiferaleUniversità degli Studi di Roma Tor VergataITALY
2015Gustav BihlmayerForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2015Norman O. BirgeMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2015E. B. BogomolnyUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2015Angela BonaccorsoUniversità di PisaITALY
2015Jean Pierre BoonUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2015Arne BrataasNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyNORWAY
2015Todd A. BrunUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2015Vitor CardosoUniversidade Técnica de LisboaPORTUGAL
2015Howard J. CarmichaelUniversity of AucklandNEW ZEALAND
2015Scott A. ChambersPacific Northwest National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2015Thierry ChampelUniversité Joseph Fourier, GrenobleFRANCE
2015Yong Ho ChinHigh Energy Accelerator Research OrganisationJAPAN
2015James M. ClineMcGill UniversityCANADA
2015Christophe CosteUniversité Paris DiderotFRANCE
2015Łukasz CywińskiPolska Akademia Nauk Instytut FizykiPOLAND
2015Nicholas d'AmbrumenilUniversity of WarwickUNITED KINGDOM
2015Matthew John DavisUniversity of QueenslandAUSTRALIA
2015D. S. DelionHoria Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear EngineeringROMANIA
2015Nilendra G. DeshpandeUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2015Deepak DharTata Institute of Fundamental ResearchINDIA
2015Sebastian DiehlUniversität InnsbruckAUSTRIA
2015Jennifer Lynn DocktorUniversity of Wisconsin, La CrosseUNITED STATES
2015Jack F. DouglasNational Institute of Standards and Technology, GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2015Jerzy DudekUniversity of StrasbourgFRANCE
2015Michel I. DyakonovUniversité Montpellier 2FRANCE
2015Vitaly EfimovUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2015Klaus EnsslinEidgenössische Technische Hochschule ZürichSWITZERLAND
2015S. C. ErwinNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2015Israel FelnerHebrew UniversityISRAEL
2015Alessio FilippettiUniversità degli Studi di CagliariITALY
2015G. W. FordUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2015Larry FordTufts UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Nicolao FornengoUniversità degli Studi di TorinoITALY
2015Rene FournierYork UniversityCANADA
2015Cesare FranchiniUniversität WienAUSTRIA
2015Kenji FukushimaUniversity of TokyoJAPAN
2015Vladimir GalkinRussian Academy of SciencesRUSSIA
2015Yuval GefenWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2015Paolo GiannozziUniversità degli Studi di UdineITALY
2015Leonid GlazmanYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Alexander A. GolubovUniversity of TwenteNETHERLANDS
2015Sergio GómezUniversitat Rovira i VirgiliSPAIN
2015Igor GoychukUniversity of PotsdamGERMANY
2015Fernande GrandjeanUniversité de LiegeBELGIUM
2015Walter GrimusUniversität WienAUSTRIA
2015Zhaoli GuoHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyCHINA
2015Johann HaidenbauerForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2015Holger F. HofmannHiroshima UniversityJAPAN
2015Scott A. HughesMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2015Patrick IlgUniversity of ReadingUNITED KINGDOM
2015B. A. IvanovTaras Shevchenko National University of KievUKRAINE
2015Evgeny IvanovJoint Institute for Nuclear ResearchRUSSIA
2015John JeffersUniversity of Strathclyde, GlasgowUNITED KINGDOM
2015Karl Heinz KampertBergische Universität WuppertalGERMANY
2015Dimitra KarabaliLehman College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2015Jonathan KeelingUniversity of St AndrewsUNITED KINGDOM
2015Noriaki KidaUniversity of TokyoJAPAN
2015Wolfgang KinzelUniversität WürzburgGERMANY
2015Ferenc KunUniversity of DebrecenHUNGARY
2015Jan KunešAcademy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicCZECH REPUBLIC
2015Paul LangackerInstitute for Advanced StudyUNITED STATES
2015Jon LawrenceUniversity of California, IrvineUNITED STATES
2015Valeri LebedevFermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2015Mel LevyTulane UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Francois LeyvrazUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoMEXICO
2015Eva LindrothStockholm UniversitySWEDEN
2015Daniel LossUniversität BaselSWITZERLAND
2015Axel MaasKarl-Franzens-Universität GrazAUSTRIA
2015Andrea MacchiIstituto Nazionale di Ottica, FirenzeITALY
2015Alexei A. MaradudinUniversity of California, IrvineUNITED STATES
2015Manuel MasipUniversidad de GranadaSPAIN
2015William H. MatthaeusUniversity of DelawareUNITED STATES
2015Alan J.H. McGaugheyCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Ross C. McPhedranUniversity of SydneyAUSTRALIA
2015Vincent MeunierRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUNITED STATES
2015Gerard MilburnUniversity of QueenslandAUSTRALIA
2015Klaus MolmerUniversity of AarhusDENMARK
2015Anna N. MorozovskaInstitute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of UkraineUKRAINE
2015Margarete MuhlleitnerKarlsruher Institut für TechnologieGERMANY
2015Christie S. NelsonBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2015Sergey D. OdintsovInstitucio Catalana de Recerca i Estudis AvancatsSPAIN
2015Corey O'HernYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Ilaria PallecchiIstituto SPIN-CNRITALY
2015Paolo PaniUniversidade de LisboaPORTUGAL
2015Andrea PeraliUniversità degli Studi di CamerinoITALY
2015Michael PotthoffUniversität HamburgGERMANY
2015Alfredo PovesUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSPAIN
2015K. PyragasSemicondutor Physics Institute, VilniusLITHUANIA
2015Patrick RinkeAalto UniversityFINLAND
2015Werner RodejohannMax-Planck-Institut für KernphysikGERMANY
2015Michael G. RosenblumUniversity of PotsdamGERMANY
2015S. David RosnerUniversity of Western OntarioCANADA
2015Frances M. RossIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2015Jan Dirk RyckebuschUniversity of GentBELGIUM
2015Ulf SaalmannMax-Planck-Institut für Physik Komplexer SystemeGERMANY
2015Vincenzo SavonaÉcole Polytechnique Federale de LausanneSWITZERLAND
2015Georg SchmidtMartin-Luther-Universität Halle-WittenbergGERMANY
2015Gotthard SeifertTechnische Universität DresdenGERMANY
2015J. SerreauUniversité Paris DiderotFRANCE
2015Efrat ShimshoniBar-Ilan UniversityISRAEL
2015Bruce W. ShoreMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2015Surendra SinghUniversity of Arkansas, FayettevilleUNITED STATES
2015Nicola A. SpaldinEidgenössische Technische Hochschule ZürichSWITZERLAND
2015Mark SrednickiUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2015Andrew E. StuchberyAustralian National UniversityAUSTRALIA
2015Attila SzolnokiResearch Institute for Technical Physics and Materials ScienceHUNGARY
2015Toshihide TakagaharaKyoto Institute of TechnologyJAPAN
2015Barbara M. TerhalRWTH Aachen UniversityGERMANY
2015Steven TomsovicWashington State UniversityUNITED STATES
2015David TongDAMTP, University of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2015A.-M.S. TremblayUniversity of SherbrookeCANADA
2015Donald G. TruhlarUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2015Sergei UrazhdinEmory UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Herbert M. UrbassekTechnische Universität KaiserslauternGERMANY
2015Dmitri VassilevichUniversidade Federal do ABCBRAZIL
2015Stamatis VokosSeattle Pacific UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Sergei A. VoloshinWayne State UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Joshua Von KorffGeorgia State UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Felix von OppenFreie Universität BerlinGERMANY
2015Ulrich WeissUniversität StuttgartGERMANY
2015Harold WeitznerNew York University, Courant InstituteUNITED STATES
2015Steven WhiteUniversity of California, IrvineUNITED STATES
2015Steffen WirthMax-Planck-Institut für Chemische Physik fester StoffeGERMANY
2015Thomas P. WitelskiDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2015Alan H. WuosmaaUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2015Kun YangFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2015ZhenYu ZhangUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaCHINA
2015Peter ZollerUniversität InnsbruckAUSTRIA
2014Sangyong Jeon (전상용)McGill UniversityCANADA
2014Atsushi Fujimori (藤森淳)University of TokyoJAPAN
2014Tomohiko Saitoh (齋藤智彦)Tokyo University of ScienceJAPAN
2014Igor A. AbrikosovLinköping UniversitySWEDEN
2014Anton R. AkhmerovDelft University of TechnologyNETHERLANDS
2014Meheboob AlamJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific ResearchINDIA
2014Mark AlfordWashington UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Mebarek AlouaniInstitut de Physique et Chimie des Materiaux de StrasbourgFRANCE
2014Andrea AluUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2014Bradley S. AmbroseGrand Valley State UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Frithjof AndersTechnische Universität DortmundGERMANY
2014Jens O. AndersenNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyNORWAY
2014Markus ArndtUniversität WienAUSTRIA
2014Ferdi AryasetiawanUniversity of LundSWEDEN
2014Gordon J. Aubrecht, IIOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2014James F. BabbHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsUNITED STATES
2014Peter J. BakerRutherford Appleton LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2014S. BalibarÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2014Igor A. BandosIKERBASQUE, Basque Foundation for ScienceSPAIN
2014Denis BaskoUniversité Joseph Fourier, GrenobleFRANCE
2014Manfred BayerTechnische Universität DortmundGERMANY
2014Kirill D. BelashchenkoUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2014Henri BenistyCNRS Laboratoire Charles Fabry de l'Institut d'OptiqueFRANCE
2014Christophe BlondelLaboratoire Aime CottonFRANCE
2014P. W. BrouwerFreie Universität BerlinGERMANY
2014Dagmar BrussHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfGERMANY
2014Michael BuballaTechnische Universität DarmstadtGERMANY
2014Adan CabelloUniversidad de SevillaSPAIN
2014Robert CaldwellDartmouth CollegeUNITED STATES
2014Julyan CartwrightUniversidad de GranadaSPAIN
2014Iacopo CarusottoUniversità degli Studi di TrentoITALY
2014Frederic CaupinUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon 1FRANCE
2014Sang-W. CheongRutgers University, New BrunswickUNITED STATES
2014Elizabeth M. CherryRochester Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2014Mei-Yin ChouGeorgia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2014Maria DaghoferLeibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und WerkstoffforschungGERMANY
2014Kari Dalnoki-VeressMcMaster UniversityCANADA
2014P. D. DanielewiczMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Stephan DuerrMax-Planck-Institut für QuantenoptikGERMANY
2014Jonathan EngelUniversity of North CarolinaUNITED STATES
2014Luiz Roberto EvangelistaUniversidade Estadual de MaringaBRAZIL
2014Jay FinebergHebrew UniversityISRAEL
2014Elijah Jude FlennerColorado State UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Marcel FranzUniversity of British ColumbiaCANADA
2014Andrew R. FreyUniversity of WinnipegCANADA
2014Matthias FreybergerUniversität UlmGERMANY
2014Florian GebhardPhilipps-Universität MarburgGERMANY
2014Ulf GennserLaboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures, CNRSFRANCE
2014Michel J.P. GingrasUniversity of WaterlooCANADA
2014Reuven GordonUniversity of VictoriaCANADA
2014Francois GranerUniversité Paris DiderotFRANCE
2014Daniel GrumillerTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2014Michele GuptaUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2014Jurgen HafnerUniversität WienAUSTRIA
2014Michael J.W. HallGriffith UniversityAUSTRALIA
2014Katherine C. HarkayArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014Andreas HemmerichUniversität HamburgGERMANY
2014Christopher P. HerzogStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Jiri HlinkaAcademy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicCZECH REPUBLIC
2014Axel HoffmannArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014Robert HolystPolska Akademia Nauk Instytut FizykiPOLAND
2014Pasi HuovinenGoethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainGERMANY
2014Kevin IngersentUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2014Jason R. JeffriesLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014Michelle JohannesNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014David C. JohnstonAmes LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014Frank JülicherMax-Planck-Institut für Physik Komplexer SystemeGERMANY
2014Javier JunqueraUniversidad de CantabriaSPAIN
2014Tina KahniashviliCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Ido KanterBar-Ilan UniversityISRAEL
2014Tiffany C. KasparPacific Northwest National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014Norio KawakamiKyoto UniversityJAPAN
2014Manfred KleberTechnische Universität München, GarchingGERMANY
2014Andreas KreyssigAmes LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014Jacqueline KrimNorth Carolina State UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Chi Kwong LawChinese University of Hong KongCHINA
2014Julien LesgourguesCERNSWITZERLAND
2014C. J. (Kim) ListerUniversity of Massachusetts, LowellUNITED STATES
2014Felipe Jose Llanes-EstradaUniversidad ComplutenseSPAIN
2014Juan M. LopezInstituto de Fisica de CantabriaSPAIN
2014Jonathan MachtaUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2014M. Cristina MarchettiSyracuse UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Karl-Peter MarzlinSt. Francis Xavier UniversityCANADA
2014Alan J. McKaneUniversity of ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM
2014Tyrel M. McQueenJohns Hopkins UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Vladimir S. MelezhikJoint Institute for Nuclear ResearchRUSSIA
2014John G. MiltonKeck Graduate InstituteUNITED STATES
2014Giovanni ModugnoUniversità di FirenzeITALY
2014Peter J. MohrNational Institute of Standards and Technology, GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2014H. MutherEberhard Karls Universität TübingenGERMANY
2014Savvas NesserisUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSPAIN
2014J. NoguesUniversidad Autónoma de BarcelonaSPAIN
2014Katsunobu OideHigh Energy Accelerator Research OrganisationJAPAN
2014Gonzalo J. OlmoUniversidad de ValenciaSPAIN
2014Peter D. OlmstedGeorgetown UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Michel OrritUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2014Nicolae-Coriolan PanoiuUniversity College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2014Diego PazoInstituto de Fisica de CantabriaSPAIN
2014Marco PelosoUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2014Manuel Perez-VictoriaUniversidad de GranadaSPAIN
2014Volker PerlickUniversität BremenGERMANY
2014Zoran Lj. PetrovicUniverzitet u Beogradu Institut za FizikuSERBIA
2014Jan PetzeltAcademy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicCZECH REPUBLIC
2014Daniel R. PhillipsOhio UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Stuart Leigh PhoenixCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Daniel C. RalphCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2014T. C. RalphUniversity of QueenslandAUSTRALIA
2014H. RitschUniversität InnsbruckAUSTRIA
2014Carsten RockstuhlKarlsruher Institut für TechnologieGERMANY
2014Jean-Noel RouxUniversité Paris-Est Marne-la-ValléeFRANCE
2014Andrei V. RubanKTH-Royal Institute of TechnologySWEDEN
2014L. M. SandratskiiMax-Planck-Institut für MikrostrukturphysikGERMANY
2014Luis SantosUniversität HannoverGERMANY
2014Eleanor C. SayreKansas State UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Richard T. ScalettarUniversity of California, DavisUNITED STATES
2014Peter SchmelcherUniversität HamburgGERMANY
2014Peter SchuckInstitut de Physique Nucléaire d'OrsayFRANCE
2014Ira B. SchwartzNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014Robin SelingerKent State UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Pasquale Dario SerpicoLaboratoire d'Annecy-le-Vieux de Physique ThéoriqueFRANCE
2014Albert J. SieversCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Pierre SikivieUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2014Bernardo SpagnoloUniversità degli Studi di PalermoITALY
2014Ulrich SperhakeCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2014Gunter SteinmeyerMax-Born-Institut für Nichtlineare Optik und KurzzeitspektroskopieGERMANY
2014Ady SternWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2014Gennady StupakovSLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014Xerxes TataUniversity of Hawaii, ManoaUNITED STATES
2014Oleg Vladimirovich TchernyshyovJohns Hopkins UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Patricia A. ThielAmes LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2014M. ThoennessenMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Ronny ThomaleUniversität WürzburgGERMANY
2014Oleg I. TolstikhinNational Research Center, Kurchatov InstituteRUSSIA
2014Giorgio Donato TorrieriGoethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainGERMANY
2014Nikolay V. VitanovSofia UniversityBULGARIA
2014Matthias VojtaTechnische Universität DresdenGERMANY
2014Vladan VuleticMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2014Christoph WeissUniversity of DurhamUNITED KINGDOM
2014Roland WinklerNorthern Illinois UniversityUNITED STATES
2014Pieter Rein ten WoldeFOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular PhysicsNETHERLANDS
2014Serhiy YanchukHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinGERMANY
2014Yannis C. YortsosUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2014Rashid ZiaBrown UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Kazutoshi Miwa (三輪和利)Toyota Central Research and Development Labs., Inc.JAPAN
2013Hisao Hayakawa (早川尚男)Kyoto UniversityJAPAN
2013Han Pu (浦晗)Rice UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Emily S.C. Ching (程淑姿)Chinese University of Hong KongCHINA
2013Kenichi Kasamatsu (笠松健一)Kinki UniversityJAPAN
2013Hai-hu Wen (闻海虎)Nanjing UniversityCHINA
2013Graeme J. AcklandUniversity of EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM
2013Jason F. AliceaCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2013H. ArenhövelJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzGERMANY
2013Anthony J. BaltzBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2013Jayanth BanavarUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2013Jozef BarnasAdam Mickiewicz UniversityPOLAND
2013Wolfgang BauerMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Anatoly B. BelonoshkoKTH-Royal Institute of TechnologySWEDEN
2013Dominic William BerryMacquarie UniversityAUSTRALIA
2013Orfeu BertolamiUniversity of PortoPORTUGAL
2013Flemming BesenbacherUniversity of AarhusDENMARK
2013Johan BijnensUniversity of LundSWEDEN
2013David Robert BowlerUniversity College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2013Frank G. BridgesUniversity of California, Santa CruzUNITED STATES
2013Alessandra BuonannoUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2013Philip James CampUniversity of EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM
2013Paul ChaikinNew York UniversityUNITED STATES
2013N. A. ClarkUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2013Gregory B. CookWake Forest UniversityUNITED STATES
2013S. Lance CooperUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2013Paul D. CottleFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Thibault DamourInstitut des Hautes Études ScientifiquesFRANCE
2013Aurelien DantanUniversity of AarhusDENMARK
2013Kees de JagerThomas Jefferson National Accelerator FacilityUNITED STATES
2013C. DelerueInstitute of Electronics, Microelectronics and NanotechnologyFRANCE
2013Roberto De RenziUniversità di ParmaITALY
2013Flyura DjurabekovaUniversity of HelsinkiFINLAND
2013Jacob Andrew DunninghamUniversity of LeedsUNITED KINGDOM
2013Mark DykmanMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013L. F. FeinerEindhoven University of TechnologyNETHERLANDS
2013Thorsten FeldmannUniversität SiegenGERMANY
2013Matthew P.A. FisherUniversity of California, Santa Barbara, Kavli InstituteUNITED STATES
2013Lazaros K. GallosRutgers University, New BrunswickUNITED STATES
2013Joaquin Garcia-RuizUniversidad de ZaragozaSPAIN
2013Massimo GiovanniniCERNSWITZERLAND
2013Fred GoldbergSan Diego State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Terrance Jack GoldmanLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2013Jeff GreensiteSan Francisco State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013David G. GrierNew York UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Géza GyörgyiEötvös Loránd UniversityHUNGARY
2013Miklos GyulassyColumbia UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Herbert HamberUniversity of California, IrvineUNITED STATES
2013P. HarrowellUniversity of SydneyAUSTRALIA
2013Xiao-Gang HeNational Taiwan UniversityTAIWAN
2013C. Stephen HellbergNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2013H. J. HerrmannEidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, HönggerbergSWITZERLAND
2013John HertzNiels Bohr InstituteDENMARK
2013Andrew HorsfieldImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2013Harald IbachForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2013Francesc IllasUniversidad de BarcelonaSPAIN
2013V. L. JacobsNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2013M. T. JaekelÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2013J. K. JainPennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Zdenek JirakAcademy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicCZECH REPUBLIC
2013Mark B. JohnsonNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2013Tudor Wyatt JohnstonUniversité du QuebecCANADA
2013Yariv KafriTechnion-Israel Institute of TechnologyISRAEL
2013Vahid KarimipourSharif University of TechnologyIRAN
2013A. R. KersteinSandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
2013Martin KiffnerUniversity of Oxford, Clarendon LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2013John R. KirtleyStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Ladislav KocbachUniversity of BergenNORWAY
2013Pieter KokUniversity of SheffieldUNITED KINGDOM
2013Jürgen KönigUniversität Duisburg-EssenGERMANY
2013Barbara KrausUniversität InnsbruckAUSTRIA
2013Josef KudrnovskýAcademy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicCZECH REPUBLIC
2013Wolfgang W. LangbeinCardiff UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2013Paul LarsonColorado School of MinesUNITED STATES
2013T.-S. Harry LeeArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2013Chris LeightonUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2013Zachary H. LevineNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2013Richard LovelaceCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Lorenzo MacconeUniversità di PaviaITALY
2013Humphrey John MarisBrown UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Donald MarolfUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2013Paul C. MartinHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Andrey B. MatskoOEwaves Inc.UNITED STATES
2013Volker MedenRWTH Aachen UniversityGERMANY
2013Andrey I. MilchevAcademy of Sciences of BulgariaBULGARIA
2013Anna MinguzziUniversité Joseph Fourier, GrenobleFRANCE
2013Yoshiyuki MiyamotoNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyJAPAN
2013Martin H. MüserUniversität des SaarlandesGERMANY
2013Stephen E. NaglerOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2013Roland NetzTechnische Universität München, GarchingGERMANY
2013Abraham NitzanTel-Aviv UniversityISRAEL
2013Per NordbladUniversity of UppsalaSWEDEN
2013Géza ÓdorAcademy of Sciences of Hungary, Research Center for Natural SciencesHUNGARY
2013Rahul PanditIndian Institute of ScienceINDIA
2013Robert A. PelcovitsBrown UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Michael PepperUniversity College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2013B. N. J. PerssonForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2013D. S. PetrovUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2013T. N. PhamÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2013Philip PhillipsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2013Steven J. PollockUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2013M. J. PuskaUniversity of HelsinkiFINLAND
2013Emmanuel I. RashbaHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Michael G. RaymerUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2013Stuart Alan RiceUniversity of Chicago, James Franck InstituteUNITED STATES
2013Per Arne RikvoldFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Peter RingTechnische Universität München, GarchingGERMANY
2013John RobertsonUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2013David J. RoweUniversity of TorontoCANADA
2013Gerhard SchäferFriedrich-Schiller-Universität JenaGERMANY
2013Larry SchulmanClarkson UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Michael SchulzMissouri University of Science and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2013Ulrich S. SchwarzUniversität HeidelbergGERMANY
2013Jonathan SelingerKent State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Tanaji SenFermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2013Manjula SharmaUniversity of SydneyAUSTRALIA
2013Michael ShlesingerOffice of Naval Research, ArlingtonUNITED STATES
2013Rajiv R. P. SinghUniversity of California, DavisUNITED STATES
2013Ralph SkomskiUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2013Michael SpiraPaul Scherrer InstituteSWITZERLAND
2013G. P. SrivastavaUniversity of ExeterUNITED KINGDOM
2013Michael StavolaLehigh UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Greg StewartUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2013Sauro SucciIstituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo "Mauro Picone"ITALY
2013A. SvaneUniversity of AarhusDENMARK
2013David B. TannerUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2013John E. ThomasNorth Carolina State UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Rob G.E. TimmermansKernfysisch Versneller Instituut GroningenNETHERLANDS
2013J. Peter ToenniesMax-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self-OrganizationGERMANY
2013Sergio E. UlloaOhio UniversityUNITED STATES
2013W. G. UnruhUniversity of British ColumbiaCANADA
2013Michael A. Van HoveHong Kong Baptist UniversityCHINA
2013Thomas VoigtmannGerman Aerospace CenterGERMANY
2013A. F. VolkovRuhr-Universität BochumGERMANY
2013G. E. VolovikHelsinki University of TechnologyFINLAND
2013Henry R. WellerDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Ned S. WingreenPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2013Arkadiusz WójsUniversity of WroclawPOLAND
2013Andrzej WolskiUniversity of LiverpoolUNITED KINGDOM
2013Deniz D. YavuzUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2013Wojciech H. ZurekLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2012Qi Ouyang (欧阳颀)Peking UniversityCHINA
2012Kwok-Tsang Cheng (鄭國錚)Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2012Guenter AhlersUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2012Armen E. AllahverdyanYerevan Physics InstituteARMENIA
2012Eva Y. AndreiRutgers UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Egor BabaevUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2012Mei BaiBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2012Andre D. BandraukUniversity of SherbrookeCANADA
2012Leor BarackUniversity of SouthamptonUNITED KINGDOM
2012Alain BarratCNRS-MarseilleFRANCE
2012Wolfgang BelzigUniversität KonstanzGERMANY
2012Oliver BensonHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinGERMANY
2012G. F. BertschUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2012Iwo Bialynicki-BirulaPolish Academy of SciencesPOLAND
2012Joseph Leon BirmanCity College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2012Oliver Boine-FrankenheimTechnische Universität DarmstadtGERMANY
2012Douglas BrymanTRIUMFCANADA
2012Theodore BurkhardtTemple UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Raphaël ButtéÉcole Polytechnique Federale de LausanneSWITZERLAND
2012Vladimir BuzekSlovak Academy of SciencesSLOVAKIA
2012Klaus CapelleUniversidade Federal do ABCBRAZIL
2012John L. CardyUniversity of OxfordUNITED KINGDOM
2012Anders E. CarlssonWashington UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Colston ChandlerUniversity of New MexicoUNITED STATES
2012Robert J. CharityWashington UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Didier ChatenayCNRS-GrenobleFRANCE
2012Cheng-Hsuan ChenTaiwan UniversityTAIWAN
2012Fritz CoesterArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2012Thomas D. CohenUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2012Susan N. CoppersmithUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2012Paul A. CrowellUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2012J. CugnonUniversité de LiegeBELGIUM
2012Luiz DavidovichUniversidade Federal do Rio de JaneiroBRAZIL
2012Thomas DentCardiff School of Physics and AstronomyUNITED KINGDOM
2012Jean-Paul DesclauxCEA GrenobleFRANCE
2012Sasa V. DordevicUniversity of AkronUNITED STATES
2012Bruno DornerInstitut Laue-LangevinFRANCE
2012Barbara DrosselTechnische Universität DarmstadtGERMANY
2012Zachary DuttonRaytheon BBN TechnologiesUNITED STATES
2012Eberhard EngelGoethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainGERMANY
2012Michael EngelhardtNew Mexico State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012S. N. EvangelouUniversity of IoanninaGREECE
2012Edward E. EylerUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2012Mikhail V. FedorovRussian Academy of ScienceRUSSIA
2012Kurt FischerTokuyama College of TechnologyJAPAN
2012Henrik FlyvbjergDanmarks Tekniske UniversitetDENMARK
2012Mariana FrankConcordia UniversityCANADA
2012James Knox FreericksGeorgetown UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Vidar FretteStord/Haugesund CollegeNORWAY
2012Yuri GalperinUniversity of OsloNORWAY
2012Azriel Z. GenackQueens College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2012Alberto GirlandoUniversità di ParmaITALY
2012Carlo GiuntiUniversità di TorinoITALY
2012Raymond E. GoldsteinUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2012Erich GornikTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2012Kenneth E. GrayArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2012Peter F. GreenUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2012James D. GuntonLehigh UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Fritz HaakeUniversität DuisburgGERMANY
2012Hanns-Ludwig HarneyMax-Planck-Institut für KernphysikGERMANY
2012Kathleen A. HarperOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Henning HeiselbergDanish Defense Acquisition and Logistics OrganizationDENMARK
2012Christopher L. HenleyCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Uwe HergenhahnHelmholtz Center BerlinGERMANY
2012Wayne HuUniversity of ChicagoUNITED STATES
2012Misha IvanovImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2012Poul JessenUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2012Daniel N. KabatLehman College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2012Mikhail I. KatsnelsonRadboud University NijmegenNETHERLANDS
2012Bernhard KeimerMax-Planck-Institut für FestkörperforschungGERMANY
2012Stefan KlumppMax-Planck-Institut für Kolloid- und GrenzflächenforschungGERMANY
2012Nikolai B. KopninAalto UniversityFINLAND
2012Gerd KortemeyerMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Anatoly KuklovCollege of Staten IslandUNITED STATES
2012Marcelo N. KupermanCentro Atomico BarilocheARGENTINA
2012Alexander KusenkoUniversity of California, Los AngelesUNITED STATES
2012A. J. C. LaddUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2012James E. LawlerUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2012Sin-Doo LeeSeoul National UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2012Paul D. LettNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2012Pui-Tak LeungPortland State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Ansgar LiebschForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2012Jacob LinderNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyNORWAY
2012Hilbert v. LohneysenUniversität KarlsruheGERMANY
2012Walter LovelandOregon State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Jerzy LuczkaUniversity of SilesiaPOLAND
2012Joseph H. MacekUniversity of TennesseeUNITED STATES
2012Paolo MataloniUniversità di Roma "La Sapienza''ITALY
2012Gregory B. McKennaTexas Tech UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Michele ModugnoUniversidad del Pais VascoSPAIN
2012M. MorikawaOchanomizu UniversityJAPAN
2012Allard P. MoskUniversity of TwenteNETHERLANDS
2012Gerhard MullerUniversity of Rhode IslandUNITED STATES
2012Ozgur E. MustecapliogluKOC UniversityTURKEY
2012G. NienhuisRijksuniversiteit LeidenNETHERLANDS
2012Brien C. NolanDublin City UniversityIRELAND
2012Mark A. NovotnyMississippi State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Roberto OnofrioUniversità di Padova ITALY
2012Ann E. OrelUniversity of California, DavisUNITED STATES
2012Nello PaverUniversità di TriesteITALY
2012Matjaž PercUniversity of MariborSLOVENIA
2012Jorge PiekarewiczFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Martin B. PlenioUniversität UlmGERMANY
2012Robertus PottingUniversity of AlgarvePORTUGAL
2012Itamar ProcacciaWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2012Ruslan ProzorovIowa State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Arttu RajantieImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2012Jørgen RandrupLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2012A. RebhanTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2012William P. ReinhardtUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2012Ranko RichertArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012I. K. RobinsonUniversity College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2012Achim RoschUniversität zu KölnGERMANY
2012Yuri RostovtsevUniversity of North TexasUNITED STATES
2012L. L. SalcedoUniversity of GranadaSPAIN
2012Jonathan SapirsteinUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2012C. M. SavageAustralian National UniversityAUSTRALIA
2012L. SchachterTechnion-Israel Institute of TechnologyISRAEL
2012Andreas SchadschneiderUniversität zu KölnGERMANY
2012Thomas SchaeferNorth Carolina State UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Matthias SchefflerFritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck GesellschaftGERMANY
2012Michael SchickUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2012Oleg SchillingLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2012Lutz Schimansky-GeierHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinGERMANY
2012Gerd SchönKarlsruher Institut für TechnologieGERMANY
2012Annabella SelloniPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Krishnendu SenguptaIndian Association for the Cultivation of SciencesINDIA
2012James P. SethnaCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2012Peter SigmundUniversity of South DenmarkDENMARK
2012S. K. SinhaUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2012Clément SireUniversité Toulouse III-Paul SabatierFRANCE
2012A. Yu. SmirnovAbdus Salam International Center for Theoretical PhysicsITALY
2012Joan SolàUniversidad de BarcelonaSPAIN
2012Edouard B. SoninHebrew UniversityISRAEL
2012H. T. C. StoofUniversity of Utrecht NETHERLANDS
2012Sandro StringariUniversità di TrentoITALY
2012Robert H. SwendsenCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2012E. T. TomboulisUniversity of California, Los AngelesUNITED STATES
2012Samuel B. TrickeyUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2012Götz S. UhrigTechnische Universität DortmundGERMANY
2012David VanderbiltRutgers UniversityUNITED STATES
2012G. VignaleUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaUNITED STATES
2012Dimitri D. VvedenskyImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2012Mats WallinKTH-Royal Institute of TechnologySWEDEN
2012S. A. WernerNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2012Constantine YannouleasGeorgia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2012Sidney YipMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2012Li YouTsinghua UniversityCHINA
2012Martin W. ZwierleinMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2011Yasutami Takada (髙田 康民)University of TokyoJAPAN
2011Luis Raul AbramoUniversidade de Sao PauloBRAZIL
2011Mikko AlavaAalto UniversityFINLAND
2011Jens Ulrik AndersenUniversity of AarhusDENMARK
2011Brian P. AndersonUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2011Lucio Claudio AndreaniUniversità di PaviaITALY
2011Osman AtabekUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2011Robert H. AustinPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Richard Abram BaartmanTRIUMFCANADA
2011Dionys BaeriswylUniversity of FribourgSWITZERLAND
2011Stewart Edward BarnesUniversity of MiamiUNITED STATES
2011Carlo BeenakkerUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2011Charles H. BennettIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2011Jerzy BernholcNorth Carolina State UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Gordon BerryUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2011Emanuele BertiUniversity of MississippiUNITED STATES
2011D. K. BiegelsenPalo Alto Research Center, Inc.UNITED STATES
2011Peter L. BiermannMax-Planck-Institut für RadioastronomieGERMANY
2011Gianni BlatterEidgenössische Technische Hochschule ZürichSWITZERLAND
2011Daniel BonnUniversity of AmsterdamNETHERLANDS
2011Tobias BrandesTechnische Universität BerlinGERMANY
2011Peter Braun-MunzingerExtreme Matter Institute, GSIGERMANY
2011Ian CampbellUniversité Montpellier 2FRANCE
2011Massimo CenciniIstituto dei Sistemi Complessi, CNRITALY
2011Siu A. ChinTexas A & M UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Eugene M. ChudnovskyLehman College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2011Roy ClarkeUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2011Gary S. CollinsWashington State UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Daniel L. CoxUniversity of California, DavisUNITED STATES
2011S. Das GuptaMcGill UniversityCANADA
2011L. Craig DavisFord Motor Company, DearbornUNITED STATES
2011Pierre DescouvemontUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2011M.W.C. Dharma-WardanaNational Research Council of CanadaCANADA
2011James F. DrakeUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2011D. M. EdwardsImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2011Konstantin EfetovRuhr-Universität BochumGERMANY
2011Daniel EsteveCentre d'Etudes Nucléaires de SaclayFRANCE
2011Eugenia EtkinaRutgers University, New BrunswickUNITED STATES
2011Serge GalamÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2011Francois GelisCentre d'Etudes Nucléaires de SaclayFRANCE
2011Charles GlashausserRutgers University, New BrunswickUNITED STATES
2011Steve GranickUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2011Markus GrasslNational University of SingaporeSINGAPORE
2011Gleb GribakinQueen's University of BelfastUNITED KINGDOM
2011Robert B. GriffithsCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Robert B. HallockUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2011Tomohiro HaradaRikkyo UniversityJAPAN
2011Thomas HeinzlPlymouth UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2011Charles J. HorowitzIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2011J. G. HouUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaCHINA
2011Leon HsuUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2011Greg HuberUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2011Konstantin IakoubovskiiNational Institute for Materials ScienceJAPAN
2011A. L. IvanovCardiff School of Physics and AstronomyUNITED KINGDOM
2011A. P. JauhoDanmarks Tekniske UniversitetDENMARK
2011Michael D. JohnsonUniversity of Central FloridaUNITED STATES
2011Robert O. JonesForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2011Serguei KalmykovUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2011Andreas KarchUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2011Wolfgang KetterleMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2011Alexander KhodjamirianUniversität SiegenGERMANY
2011Dai-Sik KimSeoul National UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2011Scott KirkpatrickHebrew UniversityISRAEL
2011Wolfgang KleemannUniversität DuisburgGERMANY
2011Gabriel KotliarRutgers University, CamdenUNITED STATES
2011Vladimir Z. KresinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2011Samuel KrinskyBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2011John A. KrommesPrinceton University, Plasma Physics LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2011Tilmann KuhnUniversität MünsterGERMANY
2011Ronald G. LarsonUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2011Elliott H. LiebPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Steven L. LieblingLong Island UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Lee LindblomCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2011Eric V. LinderUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2011Luigi LugiatoUniversità degli Studi dell'InsubriaITALY
2011William G. LynchMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2011David P. MaloneyPurdue UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Thomas C. MarshallColumbia UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Sumit MazumdarUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2011C. William McCurdyLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2011Gautam I. MenonInstitute of Mathematical Sciences, ChennaiINDIA
2011N. David MerminCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Robert B. MeyerBrandeis UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Pierre MeystreUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2011M. A. MooreUniversity of ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM
2011Richard NeedsCavendish Laboratory, University of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2011Franco NoriUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2011Yuri N. ObukhovUniversity College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2011Thomas O'NeilUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2011Akira OnukiKyoto UniversityJAPAN
2011Edmond OrignacÉcole Normale Supérieure-LyonFRANCE
2011Ignacio PagonabarragaUniversidad de BarcelonaSPAIN
2011Peter D. ParkerYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Gianni PedrizzettiUniversità di TriesteITALY
2011Vittorio PennaPolitecnico di TorinoITALY
2011P. S. PershanHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Christopher PethickNorditaDENMARK
2011Bernard Raymond PirauxUniversité Catholique de LouvainBELGIUM
2011Franco PratiUniversità degli Studi dell'InsubriaITALY
2011Paolo G. RadaelliUniversity of Oxford, Clarendon LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2011M. E. RaikhUniversity of UtahUNITED STATES
2011Baruch RosensteinNational Chiao Tung UniversityTAIWAN
2011M. G. RyskinRussian Academy of ScienceRUSSIA
2011Luis L. Sanchez-SotoUniversidad ComplutenseSPAIN
2011Dale W. SchaeferUniversity of CincinnatiUNITED STATES
2011Beate SchmittmannVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Michael SchreiberTechnische Universität ChemnitzGERMANY
2011Dominik J. SchwarzUniversität BielefeldGERMANY
2011Udo SeifertUniversität StuttgartGERMANY
2011Ashoke SenMehta Research Institute for Mathematics and Mathematical SciencesINDIA
2011Cosma Rohilla ShaliziCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Ping ShengHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyCHINA
2011Igor A. ShovkovyArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Padma Kent ShuklaRuhr-Universität BochumGERMANY
2011Henrik SmithUniversity of CopenhagenDENMARK
2011K. SneppenNiels Bohr InstituteDENMARK
2011Floyd William SteckerNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterUNITED STATES
2011Victor SteinbergWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2011George StellStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Takahiro TanakaKyoto UniversityJAPAN
2011Stephen TeitelUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2011Anthony W. ThomasUniversity of AdelaideAUSTRALIA
2011P. TinyakovUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2011Masahito UedaUniversity of TokyoJAPAN
2011John UngurisNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2011Cornelis Jacominus van der BeekÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2011Hugo van der HartQueen's University of BelfastUNITED KINGDOM
2011Jan M. van RuitenbeekUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2011V. E. ViolaIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2011H. V. von GerambUniversität HamburgGERMANY
2011Jie WeiMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Michael WeinertUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2011A. D. Wilson-GordonBar-Ilan UniversityISRAEL
2011Robert B. WiringaArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2011Jochen WosnitzaHelmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-RossendorfGERMANY
2011Tao XiangChinese Academy of ScienceCHINA
2011X. C. XieOklahoma State UniversityUNITED STATES
2011Hartmut ZabelRuhr-Universität BochumGERMANY
2011Fu-chun ZhangUniversity of Hong KongCHINA
2011Shufeng ZhangUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2011Fabio ZwirnerUniversità di Padova ITALY
2010Isao Shimamura (島村勲)RIKENJAPAN
2010Zheng-Yu Weng (翁征宇)Tsinghua UniversityCHINA
2010Ofer AharonyWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2010Robert C. AlbersLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010Miguel AlcubierreUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoMEXICO
2010Guy AllanIEMN - Dept. ISENFRANCE
2010James F. AnnettUniversity of BristolUNITED KINGDOM
2010Taka-hisa ArimaTohoku UniversityJAPAN
2010Assa AuerbachTechnion-Israel Institute of TechnologyISRAEL
2010Naftali AuerbachTel-Aviv UniversityISRAEL
2010Eli BarkaiBar-Ilan UniversityISRAEL
2010M. BarmaTata Institute of Fundamental ResearchINDIA
2010Peter A. BennettArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Barry L. BermanGeorge Washington UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Rolf BinderUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2010Peter BlahaTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2010Michael BlaskiewiczBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010Richard A. BlytheUniversity of EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM
2010Martin BojowaldPennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Joseph W. BrillUniversity of KentuckyUNITED STATES
2010P. BucksbaumStanford Linear Accelerator CenterUNITED STATES
2010Sergey L. BudkoIowa State UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Keith H. BurrellGeneral AtomicsUNITED STATES
2010Bikas K. ChakrabartiSaha Institute of Nuclear PhysicsINDIA
2010Hai-Yang ChengAcademia Sinica, Institute of PhysicsTAIWAN
2010R. Sekhar ChivukulaMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2010N. ChristensenUniversity of AarhusDENMARK
2010John ClarkeUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2010John R. ClemAmes LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010Piers ColemanRutgers UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Robert Norman ComptonUniversity of TennesseeUNITED STATES
2010J.W. ConnorCulham LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010Eric L. CourtensUniversité Montpellier 2FRANCE
2010E. Dan DahlbergUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2010Hugh E. DewittLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010Lin DingOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Jacek DobaczewskiUniwersytet WarszawskiPOLAND
2010Peter DomokosResearch Institute for Solid State Physics and OpticsHUNGARY
2010Joseph H. EberlyUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2010T. EgamiUniversity of TennesseeUNITED STATES
2010Ulf EkenbergKTH-Royal Institute of TechnologySWEDEN
2010J. EversMax-Planck-Institut HeidelbergGERMANY
2010Gregory FalkovichWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2010M. V. Feigel'manLandau Institute for Theoretical PhysicsRUSSIA
2010Zbigniew FicekNational Centre for Mathematics and PhysicsSAUDI ARABIA
2010Noah FinkelsteinUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2010J.M. FinnLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010Michael FleischhauerUniversität KaiserslauternGERMANY
2010Santo FortunatoISI Foundation, TurinITALY
2010G. H. FredricksonUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2010Uriel FrischObservatoire de la Côte d'AzurFRANCE
2010F. Javier Garcia de AbajoInstituto de Optica, CSICSPAIN
2010Daniel GauthierDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Thierry GiamarchiUniversité de GenèveSWITZERLAND
2010Holger GiesFriedrich-Schiller-Universität JenaGERMANY
2010Joseph N. GinocchioLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010Henry R. GlydeUniversity of DelawareUNITED STATES
2010Andres GomberoffPontificia Universidad CatolicaCHILE
2010Phillip L. GouldUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2010D. GreenbergerCity College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2010Raju P. GuptaCentre d'Etudes Nucléaires de SaclayFRANCE
2010Martin GutzwillerYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Peter HanggiUniversität AugsburgGERMANY
2010Steve HarrisStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Aram W. HarrowUniversity of BristolUNITED KINGDOM
2010Friedrich HehlUniversität zu KölnGERMANY
2010Sven HeinemeyerInstituto de Fisica de CantabriaSPAIN
2010H. G. E. HentschelEmory UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Eduardo R. HernandezInstitut de Ciència de Materials de BarcelonaSPAIN
2010Noah HershkowitzUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2010Yew Kam HoAcademia Sinica, Institute of Atomic and Molecular SciencesTAIWAN
2010Daniel W. HoneUniversity of California, Santa Barbara, Kavli InstituteUNITED STATES
2010Peter HorakUniversity of SouthamptonUNITED KINGDOM
2010Karsten HornFritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck GesellschaftGERMANY
2010Randall G. HuletRice UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Yoseph ImryWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2010Pavel B. IvanovAstro Space Center of P.N. LebedevRUSSIA
2010Sitaram JaswalUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2010Ulrich JentschuraMissouri University of Science and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2010Panagiota KantiUniversity of IoanninaGREECE
2010Joseph KatzHebrew UniversityISRAEL
2010D.J. KaupUniversity of Central FloridaUNITED STATES
2010Gary L. KelloggSandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
2010Kirby W. KemperFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Zsolt KisResearch Institute for Solid State Physics and OpticsHUNGARY
2010Rainer KlagesQueen Mary University of LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2010Che Ming KoTexas A & M UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Arthur KosowskyUniversity of PittsburghUNITED STATES
2010Kurt KremerMax-Planck-Institut MainzGERMANY
2010J. KublerTechnische Universität DarmstadtGERMANY
2010Franck LaloeÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2010Astrid LambrechtUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2010Oleg LavrentovichKent State UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Aaron Edward LeanhardtUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2010Choonkyu LeeSeoul National UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2010Kimyeong LeeKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2010J. LemosUniversidade Técnica de LisboaPORTUGAL
2010M. LewensteinICFO-The Institute of Photonic SciencesSPAIN
2010Rui LiThomas Jefferson National Accelerator FacilityUNITED STATES
2010Detlef LohseUniversity of TwenteNETHERLANDS
2010W. G. LoveUniversity of GeorgiaUNITED STATES
2010Brad MarstonBrown UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Carlos MartinsDAMTP, University of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2010Egon MarxNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2010Ronald McCarrollUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2010Robert L. MerlinoUniversity of IowaUNITED STATES
2010Eugen MerzbacherUniversity of North CarolinaUNITED STATES
2010D. L. MillsUniversity of California, IrvineUNITED STATES
2010Jim MitroyCharles Darwin UniversityAUSTRALIA
2010R. N. MohapatraUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2010Pierre Georges MonceauCNRS-GrenobleFRANCE
2010Guy D. MooreMcGill UniversityCANADA
2010J. NegeleMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2010David L. NewmanUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2010Taikai NgHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyCHINA
2010Eckehard OlbrichMax-Planck-Institut LeipzigGERMANY
2010Rene A. OngUniversity of California, Los AngelesUNITED STATES
2010Eulogio OsetIstituto de Fisica CorpuscularSPAIN
2010Gerald L. PayneUniversity of IowaUNITED STATES
2010Philip M. PearleHamilton CollegeUNITED STATES
2010Philip A. PincusUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2010Sriram RamaswamyIndian Institute of ScienceINDIA
2010Raffaele RestaUniversità di TriesteITALY
2010Simon F. RossUniversity of DurhamUNITED KINGDOM
2010Thomas RussellUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2010Charles A. SackettUniversity of VirginiaUNITED STATES
2010Riichiro SaitoTohoku UniversityJAPAN
2010G. SawatzkyUniversity of British ColumbiaCANADA
2010David R. SchultzOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010Karlheinz SchwarzTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2010Mohindar S. SeehraWest Virginia UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Arnold J. SierkLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2010R. J. SilbeyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2010H. Eugene StanleyBoston UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Ralf StannariusOtto von Guericke Universität MagdeburgGERMANY
2010Alexei A. StarobinskyRussian Academy of ScienceRUSSIA
2010R. L. StenzelUniversity of California, Los AngelesUNITED STATES
2010George StermanStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Mark D. StilesNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2010A. Marshall StonehamUniversity College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2010James E. TalmanUniversity of Western OntarioCANADA
2010Carsten TimmTechnische Universität DresdenGERMANY
2010Steffen TrimperMartin-Luther-Universität Halle-WittenbergGERMANY
2010Joe TrodahlVictoria UniversityNEW ZEALAND
2010Gerrit van der LaanDiamond Light Source, Ltd.UNITED KINGDOM
2010Patrick B. WarrenUnilever Port SunlightUNITED KINGDOM
2010David WeitzHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2010Carl WinsteadCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2010Thomas A. WittenUniversity of Chicago, James Franck InstituteUNITED STATES
2010Michael WortisSimon Fraser UniversityCANADA
2010C.H. WuMissouri University of Science and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2010Han Woong YeomYonsei UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2010Sung Kit YipAcademia Sinica, Institute of PhysicsTAIWAN
2010Nicolae ZamfirNational Institute of Physics and Nuclear EngineeringROMANIA
2010O. B. ZaslavskiiV.N. Karazin National UniversityUKRAINE
2010Shou-Cheng ZhangStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Akira Hirose (広瀬章)University of SaskatchewanCANADA
2009K. Yokoya (横谷馨)National Laboratory for High Energy PhysicsJAPAN
2009Lishi Luo (罗礼诗)Old Dominion UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Jinming Dong (董锦明)Nanjing UniversityCHINA
2009Min-Hsiung Tsai (蔡民雄)National Sun Yat-Sen UniversityTAIWAN
2009Wu-Pei Su (蘇武沛)University of HoustonUNITED STATES
2009Moses H. W. Chan (陳鴻渭)Pennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Eric G. AdelbergerUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2009G. S. AgarwalOklahoma State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Amnon AharonyBen-Gurion University of the NegevISRAEL
2009Alfonso M. AlbanoBryn Mawr CollegeUNITED STATES
2009Carl H. AlbrightNorthern Illinois UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Berni J. AlderLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Armando A. AligiaCentro Atomico BarilocheARGENTINA
2009Julio A. AlonsoUniversidad de ValladolidSPAIN
2009C. Austen AngellArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Joachim C. AppelUniversität HamburgGERMANY
2009Ennio ArimondoUniversità di PisaITALY
2009Dmitri AverinStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2009J. AvronTechnion-Israel Institute of TechnologyISRAEL
2009A. V. BalatskyLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Albert-Laszlo BarabasiUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2009Gene A. BaraffLucent Technologies, Bell LabsUNITED STATES
2009James M. BardeenUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2009Matthew Geoffrey BaringRice UniversityUNITED STATES
2009S. M. BarrBartol Research InstituteUNITED STATES
2009Ralph H. BartramUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2009William E. BaylisUniversity of WindsorCANADA
2009John F. BeacomOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009M. R. BeasleyStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Paul BermanUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2009F. J. BermejoUniversity of the Basque CountrySPAIN
2009S. M. BhagatUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009A. K. BhatiaNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterUNITED STATES
2009R. BlincJozef Stefan InstituteSLOVENIA
2009Alexander BlumenUniversität FreiburgGERMANY
2009Stefan BoettcherEmory UniversityUNITED STATES
2009J. P. BouchaudCentre d'Etudes Nucléaires de SaclayFRANCE
2009David G. BoulwareUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2009Helmut R. BrandUniversity of BayreuthGERMANY
2009Alan J. BrayUniversity of ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM
2009Richard G. BrewerStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Roy A. BriereCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2009L. W. BruchUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2009Christoph BruderUniversität BaselSWITZERLAND
2009Dmitry BudkerUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2009Carlos F. BungeUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoMEXICO
2009Peter Joseph CaduschSwinburne University of TechnologyAUSTRALIA
2009Richard N. CahnLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009David S. CannellUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2009Masud ChaichianUniversity of HelsinkiFINLAND
2009Sudip ChakravartyUniversity of California, Los AngelesUNITED STATES
2009Keejoo ChangKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2009Michael ChanowitzLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Samrath Lal ChaplotBhabha Atomic Research CenterINDIA
2009Hoi Fung ChauUniversity of Hong KongCHINA
2009Dante R. ChialvoNorthwestern UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Steven ChuLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Paul H. CitrinBell Labs, Murray HillUNITED STATES
2009Jolie A. CizewskiRutgers University, CamdenUNITED STATES
2009Frank CloseUniversity of OxfordUNITED KINGDOM
2009Joshua CohnUniversity of MiamiUNITED STATES
2009George ComsaUniversity of BonnGERMANY
2009Bernard R. CooperWest Virginia UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Eric CornellUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2009John M. CornwallUniversity of California, Los AngelesUNITED STATES
2009George CrabtreeArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009M. C. CrossCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009A. DalgarnoHarvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics ObservatoryUNITED STATES
2009Chandan DasguptaIndian Institute of ScienceINDIA
2009Cary N. DavidsArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Thomas A. DegrandUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2009L. Jos DejonghUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2009J. E. DemuthIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2009Robert P. DevatyUniversity of PittsburghUNITED STATES
2009Benoit Deveaud-PledranÉcole Polytechnique Federale de LausanneSWITZERLAND
2009Frank S. DietrichLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Charles R. DoeringUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2009S. DoniachStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2009John F. DonoghueUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2009Ivan DozovUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2009Richard J. DrachmanNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterUNITED STATES
2009Martin DresselUniversität StuttgartGERMANY
2009Wolfgang DuerUniversität InnsbruckAUSTRIA
2009James W. DuftyUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2009B. D. DunlapArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009B. I. DunlapNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Laurence EavesUniversity of NottinghamUNITED KINGDOM
2009Joerg EichlerHelmholtz Center BerlinGERMANY
2009Andrew ElbyUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009Stephen Dean EllisUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2009I. I. FabrikantUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2009Fereydoon FamilyEmory UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Rosario FazioScuola Normale SuperioreITALY
2009R. M. FeenstraCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Joseph L. FeldmanNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Alexander L. FetterStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2009W. J. FirthUniversity of Strathclyde, GlasgowUNITED KINGDOM
2009Daniel S. FisherStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Kenneth R. FosterUniversity of PennsylvaniaUNITED STATES
2009Ronald F. FoxGeorgia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009John L. FriedmanUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeUNITED STATES
2009Lionel FriedmanAmherst CollegeUNITED STATES
2009Bretislav FriedrichFritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck GesellschaftGERMANY
2009Ronald FuchsIowa State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009H. FukuyamaTokyo University of ScienceJAPAN
2009Richard J. FurnstahlOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Mary K. GaillardUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2009Charles GaleMcGill UniversityCANADA
2009Aaron GalonskyMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Jordi Garcia-OjalvoUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaSPAIN
2009Barry GarrawayUniversity of SussexUNITED KINGDOM
2009S. Peter GaryLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Timothy J. GayUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2009Michael GedalinBen-Gurion University of the NegevISRAEL
2009Christopher C. GerryLehman College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2009George GibsonUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2009N. GiordanoPurdue UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Walter I. GoldburgUniversity of PittsburghUNITED STATES
2009E. GolowichUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2009O. W. GreenbergUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009P. GrigoliniUniversity of North TexasUNITED STATES
2009G. GrinsteinIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2009Vidar GudmundssonUniversity of IcelandICELAND
2009F. GuineaUniversity of MadridSPAIN
2009Olle GunnarssonMax-Planck-Institut für FestkörperforschungGERMANY
2009Alexander GurevichFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Ikuko HamamotoUniversity of LundSWEDEN
2009David A. HeadForschungszentrum KarlsruheGERMANY
2009Alan J. HeegerUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2009Paul-Henri HeenenUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2009J. A. HeikkinenVTT ProcessesFINLAND
2009Thomas HeinzelHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfGERMANY
2009Charles HendersonWestern Michigan UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Carsten HenkelUniversity of PotsdamGERMANY
2009Haye HinrichsenUniversität WürzburgGERMANY
2009Pierre C. HohenbergNew York UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Petter HolmeUmea UniversitySWEDEN
2009Richard A. HoltUniversity of Western OntarioCANADA
2009N. A. W. HolzwarthWake Forest UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Marko HorbatschYork UniversityCANADA
2009Gary HorowitzUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2009H. HotopUniversität KaiserslauternGERMANY
2009Bernardo A. HubermanHewlett-Packard CorpUNITED STATES
2009J. P. HulinCentre d'Etudes Nucléaires de SaclayFRANCE
2009Jisoon IhmSeoul National UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2009John Ewan InglesfieldCardiff School of Physics and AstronomyUNITED KINGDOM
2009Wayne M. ItanoNIST-BoulderUNITED STATES
2009Ted JacobsonUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009Robert L. JaffeMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009Vaclav JanisAcademy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicCZECH REPUBLIC
2009Christopher JarzynskiUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009David JasnowUniversity of PittsburghUNITED STATES
2009John D. JoannopoulosMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009Peter D. JohnsonBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Ronald C. JohnsonUniversity of SurreyUNITED KINGDOM
2009Jorge V. JoseState University of New York, BuffaloUNITED STATES
2009R. I. JosephJohns Hopkins UniversityUNITED STATES
2009David JouUniversidad Autónoma de BarcelonaSPAIN
2009Leo P. KadanoffUniversity of Chicago, James Franck InstituteUNITED STATES
2009Alex KamenevUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2009Thomas A. KaplanMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Raymond KapralUniversity of TorontoCANADA
2009Mehran KardarMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009Gabriel KarlUniversity of GuelphCANADA
2009H. R. KerchnerOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Boris S. KernerDaimler, SindelfingenGERMANY
2009Miklos KerteszGeorgetown UniversityUNITED STATES
2009T. R. KirkpatrickUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009Dennis D. KlugNational Research Council of CanadaCANADA
2009Emanuel KnillNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2009Martin KnupferIFW DresdenGERMANY
2009James J. KolataUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2009Daniel S. KoltunUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2009Henry KrakauerCollege of William and MaryUNITED STATES
2009Bernhard KramerJacobs UniversityGERMANY
2009Young KukSeoul National UniversityREPUBLIC OF KOREA
2009Paul KwiatUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2009Norton D. LangIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2009James S. LangerUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2009A. L. LarsenOdense UniversityDENMARK
2009G. Peter LepageCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Ling-Fong LiCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Daniel A. LidarUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2009Christos LikosHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfGERMANY
2009Chii-Dong LinKansas State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Pedro G. LindUniversidade de LisboaPORTUGAL
2009Benjamin LindnerMax-Planck-Institut für Physik Komplexer SystemeGERMANY
2009M. E. LinesIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2009Harry J. LipkinWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2009Steven G. LouieUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2009J. E. LowtherUniversity of WitwatersrandSOUTH AFRICA
2009Tom C. LubenskyUniversity of PennsylvaniaUNITED STATES
2009David W. LynchIowa State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Sungkwun K. LyoSandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
2009Kenneth B. LyonsLucent Technologies, Bell LabsUNITED STATES
2009Christian MailhiotLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009M. Brian MapleUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2009June Lorraine MatthewsMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009Gene F. MazenkoUniversity of Chicago, James Franck InstituteUNITED STATES
2009Vincent MckoyCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009M. J. MehlNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009J. MenendezArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Ralf MetzlerTechnische Universität München, GarchingGERMANY
2009Peter W. MilonniLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Laurens W. MolenkampUniversität WürzburgGERMANY
2009Bo MonemarUniversity of LundSWEDEN
2009G. J. MoralesUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2009Yamir MorenoUniversidad de ZaragozaSPAIN
2009John A. MoriartyLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Simon C. MossUniversity of HoustonUNITED STATES
2009Erich J. MuellerCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Michael S. MurilloLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009G. MurthyUniversity of KentuckyUNITED STATES
2009J. A. MydoshUniversität zu KölnGERMANY
2009John F. NagleCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Mark NelkinCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2009David R. NelsonHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2009R. J. NemanichNorth Carolina State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Robert K. NesbetIBM Almaden Research CenterUNITED STATES
2009G. NicolisUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2009Yossi NirWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2009Takashi OdagakiKyushu UniversityJAPAN
2009Michael OgilvieWashington UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Andrzej M. OlesJagiellonian UniversityPOLAND
2009Ronald E. OlsonMissouri University of Science and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009Yoshiyuki OnoToho UniversityJAPAN
2009Tomas OpatrnyPalacky UniversityCZECH REPUBLIC
2009Raymond OrbachUniversity of California, RiversideUNITED STATES
2009Edward OttUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009Joseph F. Owens, IIIFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Leonard ParkerUniversity of Wisconsin, MilwaukeeUNITED STATES
2009Andrew S. ParkinsUniversity of AucklandNEW ZEALAND
2009Stephen PeartonUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2009Michael PenningtonUniversity of DurhamUNITED KINGDOM
2009Jerome K. PercusNew York University, Courant InstituteUNITED STATES
2009John P. PerdewTulane UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Victor M. PerezgarciaUniversidad de Castilla-LaManchaSPAIN
2009Murray PeshkinArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Michael PeskinStanford Linear Accelerator CenterUNITED STATES
2009H. PetekUniversity of PittsburghUNITED STATES
2009T. PichlerUniversität WienAUSTRIA
2009Daniel T. PierceNIST-BoulderUNITED STATES
2009R. PindakBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Mathis PlappÉcole PolytechniqueFRANCE
2009Eric PoissonUniversity of GuelphCANADA
2009Fred H. PollakCity College, CUNYUNITED STATES
2009Wayne N. PolyzouUniversity of IowaUNITED STATES
2009Richard C. PowellUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2009N. V. ProkofevUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2009Gunnar PruessnerImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2009Helen R. QuinnStanford Linear Accelerator CenterUNITED STATES
2009Dierk RainerUniversität BayreuthGERMANY
2009Julius RanningerCentre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueFRANCE
2009Peter ReimannUniversität BielefeldGERMANY
2009Thomas N. RescignoUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2009Sergio Machado RezendeUniversidade Federal de PernambucoBRAZIL
2009Peter M. RichardsSandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
2009Jose Alejandro RieraFCEIA, Universidad Nacional RosarioARGENTINA
2009R. H. RitchieOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Thomas G. RizzoStanford Linear Accelerator CenterUNITED STATES
2009Fritz RohrlichSyracuse UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Steven RolstonUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009Jonathan L. RosnerUniversity of Chicago, Enrico Fermi InstituteUNITED STATES
2009Angel RubioUniversidad del Pais VascoSPAIN
2009John RuvaldsUniversity of VirginiaUNITED STATES
2009Subir SachdevHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2009J. R. SamblesUniversity of ExeterUNITED KINGDOM
2009Jose M. SanchoUniversidad de BarcelonaSPAIN
2009Leonard M. SanderUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2009Andres SantosUniversidad de ExtremaduraSPAIN
2009D. D. SarmaIndian Institute of ScienceINDIA
2009Pedro SchlottmannFlorida State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Douglas ScottUniversity of British ColumbiaCANADA
2009James F. ScottUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2009Diptiman SenIndian Institute of ScienceINDIA
2009A. V. SergienkoBoston UniversityUNITED STATES
2009M. Angeles SerranoUniversidad de BarcelonaSPAIN
2009R. ShakeshaftUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2009Jeffrey H. ShapiroMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2009Daniel E. SheehyLouisiana State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Y. R. ShenUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2009Neil ShenviYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Isaac F. SilveraHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Erik SjoqvistUniversity of UppsalaSWEDEN
2009W. J. SkocpolBoston UniversityUNITED STATES
2009John SmithStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Charles SommerfieldUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2009Costas M. SoukoulisIowa State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Dinesh K. SrivastavaVariable Energy Cyclotron CenterINDIA
2009A. D. StaufferYork UniversityCANADA
2009Frank SternIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2009M. StoneUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2009Joseph P. StraleyUniversity of KentuckyUNITED STATES
2009Asle SudboNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyNORWAY
2009W. J. SwiateckiLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Karl SyassenMax-Planck-Institut für FestkörperforschungGERMANY
2009Gyorgy SzaboResearch Institute for Technical Physics and Materials ScienceHUNGARY
2009Minoru TakahashiUniversity of TokyoJAPAN
2009Aaron TemkinNASA Goddard Space Flight CenterUNITED STATES
2009Karvel ThornberNEC Laboratories America, Inc.UNITED STATES
2009Michael TinkhamHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2009S. Y. TongCity University of Hong KongCHINA
2009Ian TownerQueen's UniversityCANADA
2009John M. TranquadaBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Martin TreiberTechnische Universität DresdenGERMANY
2009Alexei TsvelikBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009Carsten A. UllrichUniversity of Missouri, ColumbiaUNITED STATES
2009Oriol Tomas VallsUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2009Robert VandenboschUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2009J. A. VanvechtenOregon State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Zeev Valy VardenyUniversity of UtahUNITED STATES
2009J. A. VenablesArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Luis VinaUniversidad Autónoma de MadridSPAIN
2009Thad G. WalkerUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2009Thomas WanglerLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2009William W. J R. WarrenOregon State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Denis WeaireTrinity CollegeIRELAND
2009John D. WeeksUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2009Su-Huai WeiNational Renewable Energy Lab.UNITED STATES
2009S. WeinbergUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2009H. Arthur WeldonWest Virginia UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Gunther K. WertheimLucent Technologies, Bell LabsUNITED STATES
2009Bruce J. WestArmy Research OfficeUNITED STATES
2009Frazer WilliamsUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2009Erich WimmerMaterials DesignFRANCE
2009Thomas WinterPennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2009Howard WisemanGriffith UniversityAUSTRALIA
2009Lincoln WolfensteinCarnegie-Mellon UniversityUNITED STATES
2009John M. WorlockUniversity of UtahUNITED STATES
2009Daijiro YoshiokaUniversity of TokyoJAPAN
2009Michael A. ZaksHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinGERMANY
2009Weiping ZhangEast China Normal UniversityCHINA
2009Robert ZiffUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2009Oliver ZobayUniversity of BristolUNITED KINGDOM
2008Chueng-Ryong Ji (지청룡)North Carolina State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Tai Chang Chiang (江台章)University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2008Ming Y. Yu (郁明阳)Ruhr-Universität BochumGERMANY
2008Elihu AbrahamsRutgers UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Stephen L. AdlerInstitute for Advanced StudyUNITED STATES
2008Ian AffleckUniversity of British ColumbiaCANADA
2008I. R. AfnanFlinders University of South AustraliaAUSTRALIA
2008Richard AlbenRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUNITED STATES
2008Gernot AlberTechnische Universität DarmstadtGERMANY
2008James W. AllenUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2008Philip B. AllenStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Massimo AltarelliDeutsches Elektronen-SynchrotronGERMANY
2008Jacques G. AmarUniversity of ToledoUNITED STATES
2008Torkild AndersenUniversity of AarhusDENMARK
2008P. W. AndersonPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Erika AnderssonHeriot-Watt UniversityUNITED KINGDOM
2008T. AndoTokyo Institute of TechnologyJAPAN
2008Thomas AppelquistYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2008P. K. AravindWorcester Polytechnic InstituteUNITED STATES
2008Peter B. ArnoldUniversity of VirginiaUNITED STATES
2008N. W. AshcroftCornell UniversityUNITED STATES
2008D. E. AspnesNorth Carolina State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Birger B. BackArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Leslie E. BallentineSimon Fraser UniversityCANADA
2008Desmond Paul BarberDeutsches Elektronen-SynchrotronGERMANY
2008W. A. BardeenFermi National Accelerator LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Stephen M. BarnettUniversity of Strathclyde, GlasgowUNITED KINGDOM
2008Bruce Richard BarrettUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2008Norman C. BarteltSandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
2008David F. BartlettUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2008K. BartschatDrake UniversityUNITED STATES
2008J. BassMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008G. BastardÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2008Gerrit E.W. BauerDelft University of TechnologyNETHERLANDS
2008Marc BausUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2008John BechhoeferSimon Fraser UniversityCANADA
2008Wilhelm BeckerMax-Born-Institut BerlinGERMANY
2008Peter BeiersdorferLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008J. BekensteinHebrew UniversityISRAEL
2008Daniel ben-AvrahamClarkson UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Eli Ben-NaimLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008K. H. BennemannFreie Universität BerlinGERMANY
2008W. BentzTokai UniversityJAPAN
2008T. BergemanStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Beverly BergerNational Science FoundationUNITED STATES
2008David J. BergmanTel-Aviv UniversityISRAEL
2008M. V. BerryUniversity of BristolUNITED KINGDOM
2008R. Stephen BerryUniversity of ChicagoUNITED STATES
2008James Garland BerrymanLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Dave Z. BessonUniversity of KansasUNITED STATES
2008Kurt BinderJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzGERMANY
2008Robert J. BirgeneauUniversity of TorontoCANADA
2008Michael C. BirseUniversity of ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM
2008Gunnar BjorkKungliga Tekniska HögskolanSWEDEN
2008Geoffrey BodwinArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Marian BogunaUniversidad de BarcelonaSPAIN
2008John L. BohnUniversity of ColoradoUNITED STATES
2008Juergen BosseFreie Universität BerlinGERMANY
2008Daniel BoyanovskyUniversity of PittsburghUNITED STATES
2008Robert W. BoydUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2008Eric BraatenOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Robert BrandenbergerMcGill UniversityCANADA
2008E. H. BrandtMax-Planck-Institut StuttgartGERMANY
2008Heinz-Peter BreuerUniversität FreiburgGERMANY
2008Iver H. BrevikNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyNORWAY
2008Dieter BrillUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008Stanley J. BrodskyStanford Linear Accelerator CenterUNITED STATES
2008Hans B. BromUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2008B. A. BrownMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Garnett W. BryantNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2008L. N. BulaevskiiLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Aurel BulgacUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2008Joachim BurgdörferTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2008Keith BurnettUniversity of Oxford, Clarendon LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2008F. H. BusseUniversität BayreuthGERMANY
2008W. H. ButlerUniversity of AlabamaUNITED STATES
2008M. ButtikerUniversité de GenèveSWITZERLAND
2008David CahillUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2008Amir O. CaldeiraUniversidade Estadual de CampinasBRAZIL
2008Manuel CardonaMax-Planck-Institut StuttgartGERMANY
2008Thomas L. CarrollNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Neal M. CasonUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2008M. CatesUniversity of EdinburghUNITED KINGDOM
2008Robert J. CavaPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2008David CeperleyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2008Charles CerjanLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008D. J. ChadiNEC Laboratories America, Inc.UNITED STATES
2008C. A. Chatzidimitriou-DreismannTechnische Universität BerlinGERMANY
2008James R. ChelikowskyUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2008Mau Hsiung ChenLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Wai-Yim ChingUniversity of Missouri, Kansas CityUNITED STATES
2008Marek CieplakPolish Academy of SciencesPOLAND
2008Sergio CilibertoÉcole Normale Supérieure-LyonFRANCE
2008C. L. CockeKansas State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008J. M. D. CoeyUniversity of DublinIRELAND
2008Liam CoffeyIllinois Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008Ronald CohenCarnegie Institute of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2008Esther M. ConwellUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2008John W. CooperUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008Robin CôtéUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2008Roger A. CowleyUniversity of Oxford, Clarendon LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2008Lorenzo J. CurtisUniversity of ToledoUNITED STATES
2008G. CzychollUniversität BremenGERMANY
2008Elbio DagottoUniversity of TennesseeUNITED STATES
2008Sankar Das SarmaUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008John R. de BruynUniversity of Western OntarioCANADA
2008Robert T. DeckUniversity of ToledoUNITED STATES
2008L. E. De LongUniversity of KentuckyUNITED STATES
2008Stanley DeserCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008Carleton DeTarUniversity of UtahUNITED STATES
2008Claude DeutschUniversité Paris-SudFRANCE
2008Jozef T. DevreeseUniversity of AntwerpBELGIUM
2008S. DietrichMax-Planck-Institut StuttgartGERMANY
2008Michael DineUniversity of California, Santa CruzUNITED STATES
2008Thomas DittrichUniversidad Nacional de ColombiaCOLOMBIA
2008Lance DixonStanford Linear Accelerator CenterUNITED STATES
2008A. DonnachieUniversity of ManchesterUNITED KINGDOM
2008T. William DonnellyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008J. Robert DorfmanUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008Manuel DreesUniversität BonnGERMANY
2008Gene F. DresselhausMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008Mildred DresselhausMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008R. C. DynesUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2008Freeman J. DysonInstitute for Advanced StudyUNITED STATES
2008Ulrich EckernUniversität AugsburgGERMANY
2008E. N. EconomouInstitute of Electronic Structure and Laser FORTHGREECE
2008William F. Egelhoff, Jr.NIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2008Reinhold EggerHeinrich-Heine-Universität DüsseldorfGERMANY
2008Theodore L. EinsteinUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008Raymond C. EltonUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008David EminUniversity of New MexicoUNITED STATES
2008B. G. EnglertNational University of SingaporeSINGAPORE
2008Ora Entin-WohlmanBen-Gurion University of the NegevISRAEL
2008Henning EsbensenArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Gilles Esposito-FareseInstitut d'Astrophysique de ParisFRANCE
2008John S. FaulknerFlorida Atlantic UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Peter J. FeibelmanSandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
2008David K. FerryArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Herbert A. FertigIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Douglas K. FinnemoreIowa State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Ronald FischPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2008John E. FischerUniversity of PennsylvaniaUNITED STATES
2008Massimo V. FischettiUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2008Michael E. FisherUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008Zachary FiskUniversity of California, IrvineUNITED STATES
2008Jaromir FiurásekPalacky UniversityCZECH REPUBLIC
2008Christos FlytzanisÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2008C. Y. FongUniversity of California, DavisUNITED STATES
2008W. Beall FowlerLehigh UniversityUNITED STATES
2008James D. FransonUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore CountyUNITED STATES
2008Daan FrenkelFOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular PhysicsNETHERLANDS
2008Harald FriedrichTechnische Universität München, GarchingGERMANY
2008Charlotte Froese FischerVanderbilt UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Stephen A. FullingTexas A & M UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Jacek K. FurdynaUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2008Miguel A. FurmanLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008J. William GadzukNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2008Avraham GalHebrew UniversityISRAEL
2008Thomas F. GallagherUniversity of VirginiaUNITED STATES
2008David GarfinkleOakland UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Carl W. GarlandMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008W. Ray GarrettUniversity of TennesseeUNITED STATES
2008J.-C. J. GauthierUniversité Bordeaux IFRANCE
2008Theodore H. GeballeStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Robert GerochUniversity of ChicagoUNITED STATES
2008Geza GiedkeMax-Planck-Institut GarchingGERMANY
2008Robert GilmoreDrexel UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Steven M. GirvinYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Leonida Antonio GizziIPCF-CNRITALY
2008Rex W. GodbyUniversity of YorkUNITED KINGDOM
2008Stephen GodfreyCarleton UniversityCANADA
2008Alfred Scharff GoldhaberStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Allen M. GoldmanUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2008Jerry P. GollubHaverford CollegeUNITED STATES
2008Gerhard GompperForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2008Hermann GrabertUniversität FreiburgGERMANY
2008Robert GrahamUniversität EssenGERMANY
2008Philippe GrangierInstitut d'Optique Graduate SchoolFRANCE
2008Ian Philip GrantUniversity of Oxford, Mathematical InstituteUNITED KINGDOM
2008Peter GrassbergerForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2008Hans R. GriemUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008David GriffithsReed CollegeUNITED STATES
2008Steven M. GrimesOhio UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Marcos GrimsditchArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Benjamin GrinsteinUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2008Alexander GrosbergUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2008Siegfried K. GrossmannUniversität MarburgGERMANY
2008Carsten GundlachUniversity of SouthamptonUNITED KINGDOM
2008B. HafiziNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008C. R. HagenUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2008P. HajicekUniversität BernSWITZERLAND
2008Bertrand I. HalperinHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2008D. R. HamannMat-Sim Research LLCUNITED STATES
2008Jean-Pierre HansenUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2008Robert J. HardyUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2008Bruce HarmonIowa State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Serge HarocheÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2008Walter A. HarrisonStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Rainer W. HasseGesellschaft für SchwerionenforschungGERMANY
2008Hartmut HaugGoethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainGERMANY
2008P. HawrylakNational Research Council of CanadaCANADA
2008Paul A. HeineyUniversity of PennsylvaniaUNITED STATES
2008Ulrich Walter HeinzOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008D. HeitmannUniversität HamburgGERMANY
2008H. W. HelfrichFreie Universität BerlinGERMANY
2008Agnes HelmstetterUniversity of California, Los AngelesUNITED STATES
2008Marc HenneauxUniversité Libre de BruxellesBELGIUM
2008Jan F. HerbstGeneral Motors Research and Development CenterUNITED STATES
2008Frank HermanIBM Almaden Research CenterUNITED STATES
2008Conyers HerringStanford UniversityUNITED STATES
2008K. HeydeUniversity of GentBELGIUM
2008A. HiguchiUniversity of YorkUNITED KINGDOM
2008F. J. HimpselUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2008Jorge E. HirschUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2008William A. HiscockMontana State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Morten Hjorth-JensenUniversity of OsloNORWAY
2008Barry HolsteinUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2008Martin HolthausUniversität OldenburgGERMANY
2008Wm. G. HooverLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Werner HorsthemkeSouthern Methodist UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Lawrence Paul HorwitzTel-Aviv UniversityISRAEL
2008Cheng-Cher HuangUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2008David Lawrence HuberUniversity of WisconsinUNITED STATES
2008Viqar HusainUniversity of New BrunswickCANADA
2008David A. HusePrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Rudolph C. HwaUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2008Mark S. HybertsenBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Gert-Ludwig IngoldUniversität AugsburgGERMANY
2008Mitio InokutiArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008R. JackiwMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008Dieter JakschUniversity of Oxford, Clarendon LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2008Imre M. JanosiEötvös Loránd UniversityHUNGARY
2008Juha JavanainenUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2008O. JepsenMax-Planck-Institut StuttgartGERMANY
2008Walter R. JohnsonUniversity of Notre DameUNITED STATES
2008Robert R. JonesUniversity of VirginiaUNITED STATES
2008W. JustTechnische Universität ChemnitzGERMANY
2008K. KajantieUniversity of HelsinkiFINLAND
2008Marek KarlinerTel-Aviv UniversityISRAEL
2008Christoph H. KeitelMax-Planck-Institut HeidelbergGERMANY
2008S. D. KevanUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2008T. W. B. KibbleImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2008Myungshik S. KimQueen's University of BelfastUNITED KINGDOM
2008George KirczenowSimon Fraser UniversityCANADA
2008Teunis M. KlapwijkDelft University of TechnologyNETHERLANDS
2008M. V. KleinUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2008Leonard KleinmanUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2008Richard A. KlemmUniversity of Central FloridaUNITED STATES
2008Andreas KnorrTechnische Universität BerlinGERMANY
2008Justus H. KochNIKHEF AmsterdamNETHERLANDS
2008Stephan W. KochUniversität MarburgGERMANY
2008Dale D. KoellingDepartment of EnergyUNITED STATES
2008Peter KopietzGoethe-Universität Frankfurt am MainGERMANY
2008H. J. KrappeHahn-Meitner-InstitutGERMANY
2008Vitaly V. KresinUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2008Siegfried F. KrewaldForschungszentrum JülichGERMANY
2008Joachim KrugUniversität zu KölnGERMANY
2008Pieter KuiperVaxjo UniversitySWEDEN
2008Juergen KurthsUniversität PotsdamGERMANY
2008K. J. LaGattutaLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Ying Cheng LaiArizona State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Kayll LakeQueen's UniversityCANADA
2008Walter R.L. LambrechtCase Western Reserve UniversityUNITED STATES
2008P. LambropoulosInstitute of Electronic Structure and Laser FORTHGREECE
2008Steve Keith LamoreauxYale UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Gerard H. LanderJRC Institute for Transuranium ElementsGERMANY
2008Karlheinz LangankeGesellschaft für SchwerionenforschungGERMANY
2008M. LannooUniversité de ProvenceFRANCE
2008D. M. LarsenUniversity of Massachusetts, LowellUNITED STATES
2008P. A. LeeMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008Anthony J. LeggettUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2008Donald R. LehmanGeorge Washington UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Ulf LeonhardtUniversity of St AndrewsUNITED KINGDOM
2008Herbert LevineUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2008Peter M. LevyNew York UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Don LichtenbergIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2008G. LindbladKungliga Tekniska HögskolanSWEDEN
2008Katja LindenbergUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2008P. B. LittlewoodUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2008Jorma LoukoUniversity of NottinghamUNITED KINGDOM
2008Wolfgang LuchaAustrian Academy of SciencesAUSTRIA
2008Jeffrey W. LynnNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2008David H. LythUniversity of LancasterUNITED KINGDOM
2008Ernest MaUniversity of California, RiversideUNITED STATES
2008A. H. MacDonaldUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2008Alfredo MaciasUniversidad Autónoma Metropolitana IztapalapaMEXICO
2008Douglas MacLaughlinUniversity of California, RiversideUNITED STATES
2008Gerald D. MahanPennsylvania State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Guenter MahlerUniversität StuttgartGERMANY
2008Boris MalomedTel-Aviv UniversityISRAEL
2008Stanley MandelstamUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2008Robert MannUniversity of WaterlooCANADA
2008Matti ManninenUniversity of JyvaskylaFINLAND
2008Steven T. MansonGeorgia State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Alfred MaquetUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2008Fabio MarchesoniUniversità di PerugiaITALY
2008William J. MarcianoBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Michael P. MarderUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2008Giorgio MargaritondoEPFL LausanneSWITZERLAND
2008R. S. MarkiewiczNortheastern UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Richard M. MartinUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2008George Emanuel MatsasUniversidade Estadual PaulistaBRAZIL
2008Daniel C. MattisUniversity of UtahUNITED STATES
2008Igor MazinNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Barry McCoyStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Eugene J. McGuireSandia National LaboratoriesUNITED STATES
2008Jim McGuireTulane UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Arthur Robert McGurnWestern Michigan UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Paul MeakinIdaho National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008M. W. MeiselUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2008Ulf-G. MeissnerUniversität BonnGERMANY
2008David Elliott MeltzerUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2008Roberto MerlinUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2008H. MetcalfStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Eckehard W. MielkeUniversidad Autónoma Metropolitana IztapalapaMEXICO
2008H. J. MikeskaUniversität HannoverGERMANY
2008Gerald A. MillerUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2008Michael D. MillerWashington State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Andrew MillisColumbia UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Kimball A. MiltonUniversity of OklahomaUNITED STATES
2008Arnold R. MoodenbaughBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Adriana MoreoUniversity of TennesseeUNITED STATES
2008R. MorgensternKernfysisch Versneller Instituut GroningenNETHERLANDS
2008Yutaka MoritomoUniversity of TsukubaJAPAN
2008Frank E. MossUniversity of Missouri, St. LouisUNITED STATES
2008Thomas W. MossbergUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2008Raymond D. MountainNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2008J. Gonzalo MugaUniversidad del Pais VascoSPAIN
2008Berndt MuellerDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2008William J. MullinUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2008Yuli NazarovDelft University of TechnologyNETHERLANDS
2008Mark NewmanUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2008Riley NewmanUniversity of California, IrvineUNITED STATES
2008R. M. NieminenHelsinki University of TechnologyFINLAND
2008J. F. NievesUniversity of Puerto RicoPUERTO RICO
2008Andre J. NoestUniversity of UtrechtNETHERLANDS
2008Gilles NoguesÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2008Michael R. NormanArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008John E. NorthrupPalo Alto Research Center, Inc.UNITED STATES
2008Robert F. O'ConnellLouisiana State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Kazuhito OhmiHigh Energy Accelerator Research OrganisationJAPAN
2008M. K. OlsenUniversity of QueenslandAUSTRALIA
2008Gian-Luca OppoUniversity of Strathclyde, GlasgowUNITED KINGDOM
2008Zvi OvadyahuHebrew UniversityISRAEL
2008Don N. PageUniversity of AlbertaCANADA
2008F. PaigeBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008J. PantaleoneUniversity of AlaskaUNITED STATES
2008Sokrates T. PantelidesVanderbilt UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Dimitrios A. PapaconstantopoulosNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Mike PayneUniversity of CambridgeUNITED KINGDOM
2008François M. PeetersUniversity of AntwerpBELGIUM
2008David T. PeggGriffith UniversityAUSTRALIA
2008Luca PelitiUniversità degli Studi di Napoli Federico IIITALY
2008John PendryImperial CollegeUNITED KINGDOM
2008Leandros PerivolaropoulosUniversity of IoanninaGREECE
2008Rolfe George PetschekCase Western Reserve UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Ronald A. PhaneufUniversity of Nevada, RenoUNITED STATES
2008James C. PhillipsRutgers UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Norman E. PhillipsUniversity of California, BerkeleyUNITED STATES
2008Warren E. PickettUniversity of California, DavisUNITED STATES
2008Arkady S. PikovskyUniversität PotsdamGERMANY
2008Aron PinczukColumbia UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Stuart PittelUniversity of DelawareUNITED STATES
2008P. M. PlatzmanLucent Technologies, Bell LabsUNITED STATES
2008Harald PleinerMax-Planck-Institut MainzGERMANY
2008Klaus H. PloogPaul-Drude-Institut für FestkörperelektronikGERMANY
2008Boris PodobedovBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Joseph PolchinskiUniversity of California, Santa Barbara, Kavli InstituteUNITED STATES
2008Eli PollakWeizmann Institute of ScienceISRAEL
2008Johannes PollmannUniversität MünsterGERMANY
2008S. Joseph PoonUniversity of VirginiaUNITED STATES
2008Harald Alois PoschUniversität WienAUSTRIA
2008Scott Edward PrattMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Stephen T. PrattArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Peter PrelovsekJozef Stefan InstituteSLOVENIA
2008Richard H. PriceUniversity of Texas, BrownsvilleUNITED STATES
2008Vladimir PrivmanClarkson UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Alain PumirUniversity of Nice and CNRSFRANCE
2008Georg G. RaffeltMax-Planck-Institut MunichGERMANY
2008Ingemar RagnarssonLund Institute of TechnologySWEDEN
2008J. M. RaimondÉcole Normale SupérieureFRANCE
2008A. K. RajagopalNaval Research LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Mario G. RasettiPolitecnico di TorinoITALY
2008A. R. P. RauLouisiana State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Lanny RayUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2008Sidney RednerBoston UniversityUNITED STATES
2008John J. RehrUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2008Günter ReiterCentre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueFRANCE
2008James J. RhyneLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008T. Maurice RiceEidgenössische Technische Hochschule ZürichSWITZERLAND
2008Heiko RiegerUniversität des SaarlandesGERMANY
2008Peter S. RiseboroughTemple UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Dan-Olof RiskaUniversity of HelsinkiFINLAND
2008F. RobicheauxAuburn UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Daniel Mosheh RohrlichBen-Gurion University of the NegevISRAEL
2008Leonard RosenbergNew York UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Albert T. RosenbergerOklahoma State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Charles RosenblattCase Western Reserve UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Jan Michael RostMax-Planck-Institut DresdenGERMANY
2008V. A. RubakovRussian Academy of ScienceRUSSIA
2008Muhammad SahimiUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2008Myron B. SalamonUniversity of Texas, DallasUNITED STATES
2008J. M. SanchezUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2008Douglas J. ScalapinoUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2008William L. SchaichIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2008John P. SchifferArgonne National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Wolfgang P. SchleichUniversität UlmGERMANY
2008Jorg SchmiedmayerTechnische Universität WienAUSTRIA
2008Ivan Kohn SchullerUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2008Heinz G. SchusterUniversität KielGERMANY
2008Ludwig SchweitzerPhysikalisch-Technische BundesanstaltGERMANY
2008Claude SebenneUniversité Pierre et Marie CurieFRANCE
2008Thomas H. SeligmanUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoMEXICO
2008Walter SelkeRWTH Aachen UniversityGERMANY
2008Brian D. SerotIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2008L. J. ShamUniversity of California, San DiegoUNITED STATES
2008Y. ShapirUniversity of RochesterUNITED STATES
2008B. ShapiroTechnion-Israel Institute of TechnologyISRAEL
2008Stephen M. ShapiroBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Stephen R. SharpeUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2008Robert N. SheltonUniversity of ArizonaUNITED STATES
2008D. L. ShepelyanskyUniversité Toulouse III-Paul SabatierFRANCE
2008Marc SherCollege of William and MaryUNITED STATES
2008Norman Kane ShermanNational Research Council of CanadaCANADA
2008Janine ShertzerCollege of the Holy CrossUNITED STATES
2008T. ShinbrotRutgers UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Eric L. ShirleyNIST-GaithersburgUNITED STATES
2008E. V. ShuryakStony Brook UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Elizabeth H. SimmonsMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Steven H. SimonLucent Technologies, Bell LabsUNITED STATES
2008David J. SinghOak Ridge National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Lee G. SobotkaWashington UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Joshua E. S. SocolarDuke UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Jeffrey SokoloffNortheastern UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Igor M. SokolovHumboldt-Universität zu BerlinGERMANY
2008Hernan Gustavo SolariUniversity of Buenos AiresARGENTINA
2008Zoltan G. SoosPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Davison E. SoperUniversity of OregonUNITED STATES
2008H. N. SpectorIllinois Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008Herbert SpohnTechnische Universität München, GarchingGERMANY
2008Todd SquiresUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2008Anthony F. StaraceUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2008Dietrich StaufferUniversität zu KölnGERMANY
2008Berthold W. StechUniversität HeidelbergGERMANY
2008S. StenholmKungliga Tekniska HögskolanSWEDEN
2008Frank H. StillingerPrinceton UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Mark I. StockmanGeorgia State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Howard A. StoneHarvard UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Robert A. StreetPalo Alto Research Center, Inc.UNITED STATES
2008Carlos R. Stroud, Jr.University of RochesterUNITED STATES
2008David StroudOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008William C. StwalleyUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2008D. E. SullivanUniversity of GuelphCANADA
2008M. SuzukiLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Boris V. SvistunovUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUNITED STATES
2008James C. SwihartIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Harry L. SwinneyUniversity of Texas, AustinUNITED STATES
2008Peter TalknerUniversität AugsburgGERMANY
2008John A. TanisWestern Michigan UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Uwe Claus TäuberVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Paulo Ivo Cortez TeixeiraISEL and Universidade de LisboaPORTUGAL
2008Jerry TersoffIBM Watson Research CenterUNITED STATES
2008M. L.W. ThewaltSimon Fraser UniversityCANADA
2008Jean-François JoannyInstitut CurieFRANCE
2008Jean-Louis TholenceCentre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueFRANCE
2008Ian J. ThompsonLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Joe D. ThompsonLos Alamos National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008Richard S. ThompsonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUNITED STATES
2008David ThoulessUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2008T. TimuskMcMaster UniversityCANADA
2008J. A. TjonUniversity of UtrechtNETHERLANDS
2008Jan TobochnikKalamazoo CollegeUNITED STATES
2008David TomanekMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Alessandro TorciniIstituto dei Sistemi Complessi, CNRITALY
2008C. UherUniversity of MichiganUNITED STATES
2008Donald UmstadterUniversity of NebraskaUNITED STATES
2008Tanmay VachaspatiCase Western Reserve UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Christian Van den BroeckUniversity of HasseltBELGIUM
2008Chris Van de WalleUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraUNITED STATES
2008Henry Martin van DrielUniversity of TorontoCANADA
2008M. van HeckeUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2008Pieter Van IsackerGrand Accélérateur National d'Ions LourdsFRANCE
2008N. G. van KampenUniversity of UtrechtNETHERLANDS
2008Richard James Van KootenIndiana UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Robert van LeeuwenUniversity of JyvaskylaFINLAND
2008Wim van SaarloosUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2008B. J. van WeesUniversity of GroningenNETHERLANDS
2008C. M. VarmaUniversity of California, RiversideUNITED STATES
2008Massimo VergassolaInstitut PasteurFRANCE
2008Ethan Tecumseh VishniacJohns Hopkins UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Matt VisserVictoria UniversityNEW ZEALAND
2008Petr VogelCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008Mikhail VoloshinUniversity of MinnesotaUNITED STATES
2008A. VourdasUniversity of BradfordUNITED KINGDOM
2008Angelo VulpianiUniversità di Roma "La Sapienza''ITALY
2008Robert M. WaldUniversity of Chicago, Enrico Fermi InstituteUNITED STATES
2008Stephen J. WallaceUniversity of MarylandUNITED STATES
2008Richard F. WallisUniversity of California, IrvineUNITED STATES
2008Ian Alexander WalmsleyUniversity of Oxford, Clarendon LaboratoryUNITED KINGDOM
2008Sean WashburnUniversity of North CarolinaUNITED STATES
2008George D. WatkinsLehigh UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Richard E. WatsonBrookhaven National LaboratoryUNITED STATES
2008J. H. WeaverUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2008Werner WeberUniversität DortmundGERMANY
2008Eric R. WeeksEmory UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Peter B. WeichmanBAE SystemsUNITED STATES
2008Hans A. WeidenmullerMax-Planck-Institut HeidelbergGERMANY
2008H. WeigelUniversität SiegenGERMANY
2008George H. WeissNational Institutes of HealthUNITED STATES
2008Michael B. WeissmanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUNITED STATES
2008Colin WilkinUniversity College LondonUNITED KINGDOM
2008John W. WilkinsOhio State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Clifford M. WillWashington UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Gary A. WilliamsUniversity of California, Los AngelesUNITED STATES
2008Peter WölfleUniversität KarlsruheGERMANY
2008R. P. WoodardUniversity of FloridaUNITED STATES
2008William K. WoottersWilliams CollegeUNITED STATES
2008Laurence G. YaffeUniversity of WashingtonUNITED STATES
2008K. YazakiTokyo Woman's Christian UniversityJAPAN
2008Susanne YelinUniversity of ConnecticutUNITED STATES
2008W. B. YelonMissouri University of Science and TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008A. Peter YoungUniversity of California, Santa CruzUNITED STATES
2008Jan ZaanenUniversity of LeidenNETHERLANDS
2008Andrew ZangwillGeorgia Institute of TechnologyUNITED STATES
2008H. Dieter ZehUniversität HeidelbergGERMANY
2008Vladimir ZelevinskyMichigan State UniversityUNITED STATES
2008Michael ZieseUniversität LeipzigGERMANY
2008Primoz ZiherlJozef Stefan InstituteSLOVENIA
2008Wilhelm ZwergerTechnische Universität München, GarchingGERMANY

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